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Victorian Pocket Bike Association Inc.

Discussion in 'Links Directory' started by xenforo, Aug 7, 2006.

  1. VPBA conducts Pocket Bike Racing on indoor tracks and outdoor tracks, most of these are Go-Kart tracks located in various parts of Victoria.
    It’s fun for all ages...
    VPBA Website and forum is on-line!

    We have developed a website to provide people interested in taking up this fun sport with all the information they need.

    Our forum and website is On-Line and located at www.vpba.com.au. You have the opportunity to discuss pocket bikes and also sections that include bike classifieds, wanted, racing etc. A chat area is also provided to discuss the sport with other members.

    Pocket bike prices range in value from $300 chinese to $7,500 for Italian style bikes, most bikes are 50cc and maxi’s are up to 110cc.

    VPBA Members are given access to a special area on the website that enables you to see all the latest committee information, minutes of meeting and many other things that you as a member have the right to know.