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Victorian Number Plates

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by cookeetree, Sep 26, 2007.

  1. You know how all the states have their own little saying on the bottom of their number plates? Well, the Victorian one confuses the sh*t outta me. It reads: "The place to be"

    Now, if Victoria is truly "the place to be"...

    ...why the hell do I see so many of those plates in QUEENSLAND??!!! :wink:
  2. if victoria didnt suck so much, tazzie would just float away....
  3. I like Vic, but... :LOL:
  4. I know a few people who have moved interstate but keep their vehicles registered at their parent/friends address in Victoria because the registration process is easier and they get TAC insurance cover.
  5. Y'know, once I went to Queensland and hired a car, and it had Victorian plates on it.

    I reckon it's just a conspiracy. All hire cars in QL have Vic plates on 'em. I reckon it's done to make QL's feel a little more self-important.
  6. :LOL: The "On The Move" one has often been a complete contradiction...then, QLD used to have "The Smart State". Right, maybe your state is smart but your driving is -not- :rofl:
  7. Ex-Premier Pete was responsible for that sh*t. There was such an uproar over his decision to remove the "Sunshine State" tag that he caved and allowed us to choose which one we wanted when we got our plates.

    Trust me, the majority of Qld'ers f*ckin' hate his whole Smart State crap. :mad: Thank God he's gone...
  8. Go NSW... "Towards 2000" hell yeah! We'll get there eventually, dudes!
  9. Sooner or later, actually... no.

  10. "On the move" made more sense. There all on the move to Queensland!
  11. "On The Move" was Kennets election slogan when he won power, then it was made the slogan on the Number plates.

    do we think there was politicle presure for that change?
  12. More people moved to queensland under kennet hence the "on the move" logo
    Beattie realised that with so many Victorians moving up there the iq of the state went through the roof which is why he tried to change it to "the smart state"
    When Bracks came to power and many vics returned the iq levels in queens;and dropped again which is why the ones remaining wanted it changed back to "the sunshine state"

    This is my theory and I'm sticking to it.
    Oh and Es if you hate Victoria so much that is sucks, here's a suggestion
    Leave. :p
  13. oh i love victoria, but its just a well known fact that it sucks ;)

    (if we started telling people how good it is, vic would be full of qlders)
  14. Victoria is the best place to be and we are still Victoria on the move.... we can park on the footpath, dedicated m/c parking spots in the city, the best rides in so many regions and if you tire of those, it is easy to cross the tasman or north to the border..... and we have motorcycle racing tracks that are actually operational ... and we are the only state ( and maybe the only place in the world) where motorcyclists actually own their own motorcycle racing complex.... Broadford, and then their is Winton and Calder and the home of motorcycle racing, Phillip Island and we host a round of the Moto Gp and the World Superbikes and this is only road stuff, should see what Victoria does in the likes of Motocross and other off road stuff and Speedway etc. Victoria is arguabely the home of motorbikes in Australia. Yeh we are on the move and the place to be, and I reckon we are still the garden state too.
  15. I hate gardening. Bring on the green concrete state, and I will move there
  16. +1

    A lot of rental companies use Vic rego due to the low cost and no blame aspect of TAC, also no green slips or pink with purple polka dot slips to rego the vehicle you have in other states.
  17. So, explain then why so many Vic's are moving to Qld every year...

    You've got roads and bushland. Being that Qld is just a little bit bigger than Vic, I assure you, we've got more.

    So, you've got a few race tracks. Now, if only you had the weather, hey? I'd much rather have the weather to ride all our roads year 'round, than a couple of race tracks on the few fine days you guys get. :p

    Also, it's nice to be able to put one set of clothes on in the morning and know that you won't have change out of them in 30 minutes, then again 30 minutes later, then again 30 minutes later, then again 30 minutes later...
  18. NSW - The Premier State
  19. :LOL: :LOL:

    Says he from the State of cyclones and monsoon rain! :p

    None of that here in Mexico.
  20. There is something about Melbourne's weather that u can't describe. I know i will miss it & miss melbourne as i move this w/end to QLD. Melbourne is and always will be home 2 me.