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Victorian Motorcycle levy how would you spend it?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by maggsy, Aug 25, 2008.

  1. The Victorian Motorcycle levy a tax /levy created to make it safer for you the riders in Victoria.
    How would you spend it ?
    What safety plan or items can you contribute to this topic that would enhance roadsafety for all of us?
    Lets see what great ideas we can come up with!
    Please no ideas that would take us off this topic .

  2. Search button beyond you?
    it has been discussed in this forum just look for it cos I can't be buggered atm.
  3. I would spend it on weapons, amunition and explosives to be used for the complete annihilation of all who supported its introduction and the continued burden it places on Victorian motorcyclists. :twisted:

    Listening to the radio today our roads minister claimed the government couldn't support a congestion tax because they refuse to put in place a tax that discriminates against one form of transport. :roll: Since when did taxing everyone become discriminatory while taxing only bikes is apparently fair? Shoot them all I say! Whether or not God bothers to sort them out afterwards is none of my concern.
  4. Great attack of the Forum Bots!
    2 replys both not worth a pinch,
    If a post was posted in the past with like content so be it,
    times change and new riders come to the forum I want to hear from
    some riders with perhaps sensible contributions unlike what was posted in the last 2 posts.
    So move on forum Bots!
    Give others a chance!
    Fidel :wink:
  5. Forum bots?? You know what forum bots are? icon_lol.

    Smee/Seany: You've been told you friggen FORUM BOTS pmsl
  6. Sorry but if there's a right or wrong answer then you should at least tell us which oppinion you wanted to hear. :wink:

    I stand by my answer. :)

    Could also spend it on rider training but the 1st option has a better chance of success. :wink:
  7. Well apart from frangible signs and more ore less endorsing the levy, what have the MRA ever done for us?
    You being an ex pres did nothing to revoke it did you?
    Repeal the tax! Seany was right why are we so special?

    Forum bots that's rich coming from someone who represented the motorcycling community and as PRESIDENT of the lobby group, couldn't even wear a shirt when visiting with the minister and had the literal skills of a grade 6 when writing press releases.
    Use the SEARCH function and get a clue first.
  8. fiddle, you've been...

  9. I found Seany's observations to be enlightening, and his recommendations on capital expenditure to be in-line with wider community standards.
  10. :LOL: :roll:

    Greed cameras - created to make long, straight, well paved stretches of multi-lane highway safer for us, the riders and cagers in Victoria.

    3km/h speed tolerances, radar guns at the bottom of hills and fines in the mail several weeks later, instituted to make it safer for us in Victoria.

    All this revenue should be put towards a rather large explosive device fitted to parliament, with a protective shield surrounding the outside of the building to ensure no innocent civilians get harmed whilst clearing our land of this vermin.
  11. More cop bikes.

    More Safety Cameras.

  12. A more pertinent question would be: how has the levy been spent so far?
    And has it been worth it? How much has been collected so far, and how much wasted?
    The levy should have never been introduced in the first place.
    Try to introduce a safety levy on pushbikes and watch the outcry… And yet, they get hurt pretty bad as well!
  13. Build a big jail and put Scruby inside for the term of his natural life.

    Or be boring and replace wire rope barriers, fix dangerous metal signs, free advanced rider training programmes and update Netrider's server.
  14. And what's natural about wots-is-name? I think he's remarkably unnatural... :p
  15. mate you want a serious answer on what they should do with the levy? They should fcuking stop it or give us use of bus and bike lanes. That's it, if they did that then I would be happy to pay the $50 a year.
  16. Sealed road shoulders.

    Subsidised training.

    Subsidised gear.

    Smooth road barriers.

    Filtering approval.

    Failing that, what Seany said. :twisted:
  17. In order of priority:

    Edge marking of all roads that have a gravel or dirt shoulder. Even Warrandyte has roads with gravel shoulders and ditches for drains, but no edge marking on the bitumen.

    Paving of the first 5 metres (is 5 metres enough?) of all dirt driveways and roads that intersect with bitumen roads, to minimise gravel being thrown on to the bitumen road by side road/driveway users.

    To run a campaign to get motorcycles included in all traffic / road / transportation management plans. These plans should of course include all requirements of riders to ensure that this mode of transport is as safe as possible, including road design and roadside furniture, for example. Reduced congestion and fuel consumption, and the benefits motorcycles and scooters provide in these areas, should be considered in these plans.

    To run a campaign to eliminate Wire Rope Barriers from all roads. (Not to pay to replace them, just fund the campaign, since they should never have been installed.)

    Subsidise Advanced Rider Training of the right type on appropriate roads and/or tracks to extend rider skills beyond those needed to get around on the road, to the level where every rider can cope with unexpected situations and survive, preferably without damage or injury.

    That would do for a start.
  18. Fund a proper effective political lobby group and a properly funded effective organisation with no affiliations to any single group but representing ALL motorcyclists, and having a paid CEO in charge much like other professional organisations which are autonomous but government funded. (VIT for example.)
  19. :)
    All this is great! :grin:
    I'm not paying another $66 per year to recieve another quaterly newsletter to fill my recycle bin with! :-s Let's think of a better example. :)
  20. Sorry best I could come up with without having to think about it.
    (I rarely think when I type.) :wink: