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VIC Victorian Motorcycle Council (VMC)

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by cjvfr, Feb 11, 2012.

  1. As many will know since the change of focus of the MRA from a club and advocacy group to a club only the role of advocacy was to be taken up by a new group the VMC. Below is an extract from the MRA newsletter which I thought may be of interest.

  2. That is followed by a personal plea from the Chairman Peter Baulch for involvement from riders.

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  3. Hi Chris,

    Has there been some sort of public launch & release for the VMC?

    Riders may have seen this advocacy group's name pop up once or twice on forum, but I think there's many who'll be saying: Who are they?

    Who are the rider representatives? (Profiles?)

    What rider 'rights' have been identified?


    Has anything further been announced on the public meeting proposed for this month, March 2012?
    Is this a meet & greet public style launch?

  4. There's a meeting shortly of delegates from the various organisations involved. The Ulysses delegates are myself and Perry Stephens. I believe that Grant is one of the delegates from the MRA. I also believe that there is support from groups like the VACC/FCAI etc.

    I assume that that meeting will set a date for the open meeting.
  5. Thanks Tony, I meant to talk to you on the weekend about the status of this but an opportunity didn't present itself.
  6. Thanks Chris for bringing this up.

    Ok, I'm asking as well.

    Who are these people that have decided to represent me?

    Very little interest from the general netrider population so far.

    More information please.
  7. Yes Doug, I am keen to know more as well. Lets see what comes out of their first meeting. My understanding is that it is to be an organisation along the lines of the AMC but with a Victorian emphasis.

    If the constitution is like the AMC then both commercial entities and clubs can have membership.
  8. Hi Chris,

    Any update on this as yet?

    Cheers Jeremy

  9. Hi Jeremy, No update yet, there are still some administrative issues to sort out apparently. I have been in touch with the group and will post here when I know any more.

  10. I've subbed this thread. Could be interesting for sure.

    Thanks Chris,

  11. Bugger. With everything going on in my world, I haven't followed up on a few things... Life has a way of getting in the way. Calls will be made this week. Thanks to those showing an active interest in VMC.

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