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VICTORIAN idiots in uniform - rant!

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by raven, May 14, 2007.

  1. A few nights back, on the way home...Pinkxie and I noticed a couple of hotroders in cars giving their cages a bit of a burst now and then...yes...breaking the limits, but nothing really blatantly stupid...just a bit fast...(groan)
    W were all in a gaggle of cars (us on our bikes) and so it was pertinent to keep an eye on them just in case they did something unexpectedly more dangerous...
    Eventually they got up ahead and we settle back a safe distance and kept an eye on them...

    Suddenly out of nowhere, another car, who I thought was a third member of the skyline wankers club, comes out of no-where at utterly rediculous speed (maybe 140-160), through the traffic, roaring up the inside lane past Pinkxie and I - gave me a hell of alot of scare as I had only just spotted them at the last moment, and Pinkxie was ahead of me....They flashed past her, and thankfully she did not decide to change lanes just at that point, or it would have been gravely serious...

    I was really piffed-off, and would have loved to have had a serious word with the total fcuking idiot driver!...We went another 1/2K, and guess what!...the idiot in the 3rd car was actually the cops in an unmarked car, racing to catch the lesser idiots that were actually FAR LESS OF A THREAT TO LIVES than the cops were!!!

    There was absolutely no need to drive like that, and quite frankly, the attitude that exuded from that third car was, "I don't give a fcuk about anybody else - I'm a hero in my hot car!"

    I could possibly understand if they were after some ahole that just killed someone, or molested a little kid or something serious like that, but they could have taken an extra kilometer to catch up and driven far more safely (altho still fast), rather than attempting to catch the offenders inside the first 1/2 K, just for a speeding fine!

    These same idiots would pull me over for doing 85 in an 80k zone and lecture me on the "knock of 5" campaign.... :evil:

    Rant over.
  2. If it was me, I'd report it.

    ..Who am I kidding I'd just run them over
  3. Remember, all police-persons are trained to drive fast, safely, exercising due caution. When Joe Public does it, it's criminally dangerous, and we're a danger to ourselves and everyone else around us.

    Please remind yourself of that, and put that attitude of yours back in the box. We are all incompetent, and should be thankful that only the police are able to drive fast, safely at 90kph over the limit to catch the real criminals doing 10kph over the limit.
  4. there has been many times i have tailgated a copper in my falcon doing 20+ over the speed limit. they arent even chasing anyone or needing to get anywhere quickly. i notice this way to often. and as for the copper that was cruising up the inside lane, that is damn stupid!
  5. Aw gee...okaaaaay FLUX!.... :oops: I guess I just 'lost it' for a second...I must try to remember my place in society - thanks Stew! :p :grin:
  6. MOD EDIT I must not be abusive I'm sorry Flux it was a rush of blood it will not happen again
  7. Aaah, police escort. The only way to travel. :wink:
    I've actually spoken to someone who did this and the po-po slowed down, let them past, pulled them over and booked them. Cheeky.
    So far i haven't had that happen.

    Raven the only way to show your disgust is on the back wheel mate.
    Wait until all the ticket writing begins and let 'em rip.

  8. Is the FluffyDonkey being funny? I can't tell. Maybe I'm being daft...Can someone clarify?
  9. I thought emergency services were allowed to drive 20kph over the limit, with lights and sirens operational. Didn't know that 160kph was in the rules :evil:
  11. Fluffy?? U ok mate?? Is your sarcasm meter busted??

    Here - take these pills *hands pills*... they'll make you feel better.

  12. I'm pretty sure that Fluffy is playing along with the joke. He has to be. No one's sarcasm meter can be that broken. :shock:
  13. The only reason i ever wanted to become a Police type person was so i could chase people.
    I never wanted to catch them, just chase them.
    Oh, and they give you a gun. I'd use that to start the chase.
    On your marks...
    Get set...

  15. *cough*is FluffyDonkey American?*cough*
  16. That is typical of the Brack$ police.

    If they creep over the limit, hunt them down and strip them of their money,
  17. :rofl:

    You know Raven, if two people send a letter complaining about the same piece of driving, the cops do tend to follow it up. They won't do much but he'll get a talking to and have the incident duly noted. :)
  18. I'm sorry.....But don't the Victorian police chase people using bullets and not cars?

    Victorian Police: "Why drive when I can shoot!"

    It was all the rage with the Victorian police a few years back wasn't it?!? :LOL:
  19. Get the plate and report it John, simple :grin: