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Victorian Historic Champs @ Broadford 24/25 Feb

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by sidecar55, Feb 14, 2007.

  1. Anyone interested the HMRAV is running the Victorian Historic champs @ Broadford 24/25 Febuary. Also run in conjunction is the Victorian F2 Sidecar champs & I'm riding my mates SP1 powered outfit. Should be a hoot of a weekend with Classics, Post Classic, BEARS, Period 5 & Sidecars. It's a nice ride up via Glenburn through Flowerdale.

  2. I was going to compete in the BEARS, but due to brake problems could not commit, as my brakes were on the way to germany as the noms were due.

    The worst part is that from my last track day and the previous lap time of the race last year, I would of not come last in the racing. So I am spewing, but my new brakes have arrived and they are tops!

    Have fun and best of luck, I should be there next year.
  3. Sounds good, I'd go have a look except the Vic inters are on at Winton on the 25th.
  4. Well the new slicks are on & the bikes ready to go. Hope I remember how to ride theese things! :LOL:
  5. what a pity that it clashes with the winton meeting
  6. where can i find out more info on the types of bikes involved in each class.

    Have done some racing in the past and feel this may just be my ticket back into the ball game

    Am working Saturday, but might try and do a flying trip to Broadford on Sunday


  7. Classes

    Vintage solo- 1920-1945
    Class C- Pre 1951 500/750 hand change rigid frame
    Classsic- 1946-1962 125-Unlimited
    Post Classic- 1963-1972 125-Unlimited
    Period 5 1973-1980 125-Unlimited
    BEARS Brittish,European,American racing series
    SIDECARS Vintage,Classic,Post Classic,Period 5, & Formula 2.
  8. Would love to go, but can't, dammit :mad: Sidecar say g'day to Rissole for me (121, Tribsa, Classics).
  9. Rissole

    I will. Saw him @ my mates place last month for the Island Classic. :cool:
  10. He does my spanner work - he's well known and gee he can turn a quick lap or ten! Wonder if his engine's barrels are still painted pink as they were at PI...
  11. Had a good weekend. Ended up faster at the end of the races. Saw Rissole & his barrels are still pink.
  12. I took the 8yo Chairgoblin to the BEARS meet. To keep him occupied, I let him loose with the camera...


    And something for sidecar55:

    Where else can you hear an SP1 powered sidecar, a JAP engined single or watch a Superduke and a Husaberg take on an MV and an Aprilia? Why is it that all sidecar teams look like the the Kelly brothers that Ned never mentioned?

    Congratulations to HMRAV and all the competitors - a great day's racing.