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Victorian front number plates on the agenda again

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Mouth, Jul 14, 2008.

  1. "With the Victorian government's plans to introduce front license plates to motorcycles, Swann Insurance – Australia's leading provider of motorcycle insurance – believe there is no evidence to justify the introduction of front plates and support calls to oppose the legislation."


  2. What's the actual quanta of undetected speeding motorcyclists??

    49% doesn't tell you very much.

    $22million dollars and plus the increase in premiums to detect how many MC's exactly??

    Edit: spplleeeiing
  3. Does Swann actually know something, or do they just want to make a positioning statement? It's been said elsewhere that there is a reasonable chance that nothing more will be heard on this issue unless they manage to solve the cost and technical issues.
    I'm glad to have an insurer on side, but I wonder whether drawing attention to the issue is actually a good thing (unless they know more than any of the rider reps knows).
  4. If anyone saw yesterdays Herald Sun ( I think that's where I saw it) there was an article with pic of Tasmanian cop bikes with number plate stickers on the screens. :shock:
    It was reported as a "trial". Its not good news for the rest of us and even worse news for those of us currently with screens....... :roll:
  5. "Dead in the water" indeed!
  6. Worse news for those without.
    I wouldn't put it past the Vic government to not only make FNPs mandatory, but also screens.
  7. This was done on cop bikes in SA a few years ago too. I seem to remember it was torpedoed due to the legal issues involved in displaying something that looks like a rego plate but, officially, isn't one.

    I'd certainly like to believe that FNPs are dead in the water, but, just in case they're not, I like the idea of having an insurer onside. Mainly because, when it comes down to it, we can protest till we're blue in the collective face but the voices that speak loudest to governments are the ones with money and favour.

    As I've noted before, the riders' lobby in the UK only really started winning significant victories at about the same time as the Bloor Triumphs resurrected the British motorcycle industry, and Bloor was one of the government of the day's blue eyed entrepreneurs.

  8. Methinks this is BS, spurred on by a insurer jumping, albeit rather lately, on the bandwagon.

    I was pretty certain it was dead in the water. I still hope and pray that it is.
  9. Our MRA reps are decidedly quiet on this one.

    Any comments guys?
  10. Hey Nick, give 'em a break. Do you expect instant results? I'm sure that they're already chatting or are arranging to chat to their contacts, perhaps even to this insurer.

    Patience, Cicada...
  11. Was thinking more along the lines of "we are investigating it as we speak"
    This topic has been up since early morning and you are the first to say something nearly 18 hours later.
  12. Hi all,

    I must say that one thing I've found funny since signing-up last week and making a number of posts containing factual explanations on a variety of things - that not much of what I have written has attracted comment... people still go on with the "rumours".

    Oh, and sorry for taking a whole half day to find this here. Motorcycle politics isn't my paid job, and I can't be online when I'm at work. (Hence posts late at night!!) :p

    Anyhow.... let me have another go with this new thread. :)

    This is not a case of a "new" development with Swann knowing something we don't. I had no idea that the release from Swann was coming, but at this late stage of negotiations it's useful for sure. The AMC welcomes their comments.

    As for the Tasmanian police bikes, as some of you know, I am also President of the Tas Motorcycle Council. This little game has been going on in Tasmania for over a year - a pet project of the senior hierachy of Tas Pol. There's a reference to the Tas police "trial" in the leaked RIS, so this shouldn't actually be news to anyone who is fully across this. In the whole scheme of where things are at nationally, it's a non-issue. The Tasmanian Infrastructure Minister, Graeme Sturges, has assured me in person as recently as 11 days ago that there is no intention of Tasmania going it alone on this.

    So how did it finish up in the weekend paper? This should be the real story on this thread. It's in the current AMCN, since an individual in Tasmania alerted AMCN to this a couple of weeks ago. I've made some comments in that story.

    So... how did it get from AMCN to the Herald? Who would have anything to benefit out of being able to make Victorian motorcycle riders think that front numberplates are still looming large? Anyone come to mind? Anybody...?

    See how twisted information sucks people in?

    The heading to this thread could just as easily have been "Swann Insurance backs Australian Motorcycle Council campaign on front numberplates..."

    Stick with MRA Vic and the AMC on this one.

    Shaun Lennard
    Chairman, Australian Motorcycle Council
  13. Interesting.
    A certain individual was/is an agent/broker/whatever for swann insurance if it's the same individual you may be pertaining to.
  14. Frankly, I do hope the issue is dead in the water. It just doesn't stack up to even basic scrutiny.

    I can't find out how many motorcycles are being detected speeding but are not able to be identified soley due to lack of front identifier... but I seem to recall seeing a number of like 600 - 1000 in a year...

    Something I read today at the Auditor general website talked about 19% of all speeding detections being unsuitable for infringements. That's across the entire road population in Vic. The police have 130 categories to explain why a picture wasn't suitable. I couldn't find the categories nor could I find stats for unserverable motorcycle infringements.

    Ok... maths time... Bikes are 2% of the road user population. Speeding detections are in the order of 560,000 per year (at the moment - see the current TACSAFETY road stats document). So assuming 2% are bikes, that's 11,200 bike detections, but 19% are going missing... so that's 2128 undetected bikes... and the article mouth linked said 49% go missing for lack of front identifier... so that's about a thousand bikes a year that are not being detected... and that's worth a $22million price tag?????????? Is $22million on front identifiers really the best way to lower rider fatalities from about 50 - 60 per year??

    How much rider training would that buy?!?!!

    A Stay upright advanced riding course is about $300... so that's 73000 riders that could have a fully paid for training course... or say 220,000 subsidised courses at $100 per course subsidy... sigh... instead the money may go towards front identification.

    Seriously :roll:

    I hope you're right Shaun.

  15. Rob,

    That's the exact kind of logic that has now been taken to governments all around Australia to defeat this! It's only been since we've had the draft RIS that we've had figures to argue against.

    Thanks for the feedback - we're getting there!

  16. Yes pretty easy to see how people get sucked in an go with rumours.
    After reading the herald sun article on the weekend I would have to say that it didn't seem to have much in common with an amcn article.

    what it did indicate was that Tasmanian Police are conducting a front numberplate trial on behalf of VICROADS.

    You see it pays to read an article before you comment on it.

    If indeed they are running a trial for VICROADS then this issue is definately not dead in the water, BRING ON THE PROTESTS!!!
  17. I only became aware of this media release last night.

    Swann have slipped up, and I believe that this has been brought to their attention and they have acknowledged their error in a "slip of language". AMC are on top of this one.

    Vic Govt isn't the one planning to introduce it - they were tasked with and funded to complete the RIS. ie they were paid to do the development/testing of the concept - so the media have been sucked in there.....

    I am still very confident that FNP is dead, and I am prepared to bide my time waiting for the official announcement.

    MRA(Vic) has done everything it can to put our case to Vic Govt via the Official Channels - ie VMAC.

    FNP are a National issue and as such MRA(Vic) is supporting AMC to get the answer on this subject now. Until Albanese's office comes out with the official announcement - we just have to allow AMC via Shaun to get this for us.

    Be patient people.
  18. Isn't it better, really, to have NO announcement? I mean, no regime is going to like having it's face rubbed in it's own foolishness. Better to let this sleeping dog lie, rather than demand some kind of guarantee that FNPs will never happen.
    This is what worries me about Swann's media release - the only way to win this one is to let it slide quietly into history with as little comment as possible.

    (That doesn't mean we don't keep a watchful eye on things, though).
  19. Except that Federally, it was the previous regime so there's political points scoring available if they do it right. :wink:
  20. I've contacted VicRoads about the Swann stuff and I'll post up any response.