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Victorian Employers' Chamber of Commerce calls for bike licenses

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by jdkarmch, Apr 4, 2010.

  1. Bicycle Victoria CEO Harry Barber said most cyclists already had car licences and a call for registration was inappropriate.

    Time to visit this article and post your comments guys. Someone needs to send a message to Mr Barber. I've posted something...... Am waiting to see if they publish it.

  2. Is it going to read, "Dear Harry, Why is your lobby group so much more effective than ours?"

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  4. fekkinell, come on. gees.
  5. licences no - compulsory third party insurance - yes
  6. Talk about a world gone mad. The people suggesting this should be politely shown the way to the nearest airport and asked to find another country that better suits their needs.

    The only direct contribution to roads by motorists is through the taxes on fuel and tolls on private roads.
  7. So, are we trying to encourage sustainable transport or not?
  8. This is crazy....
    Honestly as motorcyclists, we should be supporting our two wheeled cousins....
    All this is based on the mentality of motorists thinking along the lines of why should I pay and they don't.....
    This is the same motorist thought that gets angry that motorcyclists park free on footpaths, get off cameras fines and tolls with no front n/plate, hate it when they see bikes filter to the front at lights (technically illegal i know), etc....
    What's the next thing? Oh here's one, passengers in a car should contribute to registration too as they're in a are using a public road too....

    I cycle as much as I ride my moto so understand both sides and honestly, cycling should be encouraged.........
    And besides, a road bicycle down a twisty Mt Donna is just as fun and fast as a motorcycle....
  9. I agree.

    But last year when MRA offered to support BV over the development of better bicycle infrastructure - in return for allowing motorcycles to use bicycle lanes - that offer was spurned by Harry Barber.

    Until BV start recognising that motorcycles should be their allies as opposed the other way around, I personally will continue to treat Bicycle Victoria with contempt.

    Note - my contempt is for BV and Harry Barber. Not all the innocent bicycle riders. My contempt is for the organisation that represents them (that's funny this attitude sounds familiar - something like what some people say about MRA at times...).
  10. From what I read, cyclists tend to have contempt for other road users, particularly motorcyclists. They see themselves as having the high moral ground as they are on the roads, being green and healthy. Whereas motorcyclists...

    And really, it's hard to argue against them.
  11. Seems like sour grapes by a certain ex president of the mra who did not get the support he expected from BV and this has been moved to off topic as it has nothing to do with motorcycling politics the way it was worded.
  12. Smee - you got it in one=D>=D>

    But I think that the point is there.....
  13. Yes and no John, some of the battles you make just can't be won and this is one of them.
    What you should be doing is looking at how effective this lobby is and how the mra can emulate a version of their lobby.
  14. Here we go again. I'll now just sit back and wait for you to insert the plug for your business.
  15. Come where? :-s

    ... and what do geese have to do with anything? :p
  16. Just listening to 3 old W (3AW) where they were talking about registering bicycles. The first thing you noticed was all the callers and hosts that whinged and complained were aged. It was basically a one sided argument for rego.

    It’s clear why Victoria has become a nanny state. It’s due to the aged population. Old people that are scared of anything and everything and constantly live in fear.

    What a selfish group they have turned out to be. Growing up fairly free with hardly any restrictions and yet they don’t want the younger people to enjoy the same quality of life.

    It was okay for them to ride a bicycle totally free.

    Since the aged pretty much cost the community an absolute fortune I say introduce an aged tax where for arguments sake a 5% per annum superannuation tax is collected.
  17. Oh man that's Gold (<--- not a pun).

    Imagine if that could get up as a proposal and it was aired on 3AW, the switch board would look like the beginning of a Matrix movie.

    Their counter argument would likely be they've already made their contribution to society, and so it isn't required.

    Here's a tip for them, rest up, your other contributions aren't required either.
  18. Cite?

    Anyway, their super is taxed at 15% going in and 15% coming out. What more do you want?

    And pray tell, how do self funded retirees cost the community a fortune?

  19. Typical....shits for brains and not a fu**ing clue.
    Switzerland has had pushie-rego for over 50 years.
    Here's a recent shot of a bike registered in Aarau/ Northern Switzerland/ near Zurich.

    The fairly small amount charged is for rego and 3.party insurance.
    Stickers can be bought in bike-shops/ supermarkets and at service stations.

  20. How many generalisations can we pack into one thread? :LOL:

    JK - sorry, but I can't agree with you on this one. Rego and licensing for cycles? Do they have to pass roadworthy? Kids' bikes? Kids' licenses? Do we make pedestrians carry rego plates and charge them for their use of public infrastructure?

    Since when has any organisation like the Vic Employer's Chamber of Commerce ever come up with anything that serves any interests other than their own?

    And ease up on the 3AW blue-rinse brigade, it's the only way they can get anyone to listen to them, and it's not like they have better things to do all day... :rofl: