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Victorian Company eliminates Piston Rings

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by cjvfr, Jan 8, 2014.

  1. Victorian company’s ringless air-seal system could revolutionise combustion engine design
    A Victorian company is working on a technology with potentially major implications for future petrol and diesel engine design.

    Warrnambool-based engineering consultancy Dynex has come up with a piston design that eliminates the spring-metal ring traditionally used to form a seal between the piston and the wall of the combustion chamber.

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  2. Interesting, also using a scotch yoke in place of a normal connecting rod and crankpin in their demo model.
  3. Nothing new. I've had loads of engines which didn't have piston rings. They (sorta) worked, even if they did smoke a bit and could be bastards to start :D.
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  4. But we're they MEANT to have no piston rings, or had they disintegrated due to poor metal or bad lubrication??? :LOL:
  5. Very cool.
  6. They're at the point where they need investors to inject some money so they can build a prototype.....
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    It must. There's no other way really.

    This sort of bullshit annoys me. I suppose it's valveless, has no bearings and the piston never gets hot?

    In all honesty it's doomed from the start. There is a reason you don't see flat engines in cars anymore.