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victorian bike ban ?

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by RUMPYTRUMPY, Dec 4, 2005.

  1. is there any truth in the rumour i have heard that the victorian government is considering banning motorcycles on their roads ? due to injuries costing the tax payer too much .... personally i dont believe it or can ever see it happening they have invested far too much on their speed cameras to take away most of their revenue ....couldnt believe it when i was told still dont believe it but thought it was hilarious that even such a rumour would even be started

  2. Sounds like someone's pulling your leg.
  3. i think you'll find the crash industry is actually a good thing, they wouldnt want to stop it

    imagine if there were no more car crashes.. all the mechanics, panel beaters, hospital staff, police etc that would go out of business?
  4. Indeed. Just think of all the donor organs that wouldn't be available....
  5. Yep it's true alright.
    But then so is the tooth fairy.
    :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:
  6. do pigs fly???

    its all a bunch of porkys
  7. This rumour would be entirely true should the Bracks government ministers want a career change to the shadow portfolios :LOL:
  8. No they plan to bad anything that you don’t have to pedal
  9. i don't believe that would be happening...

    But a family friend who used to be on the TAC board was telling me that a couple of years ago they were considering doing such a thing.
    But it didn't end up eventuating.

  10. Given that there are some minor countries around the world that have done just that, you can't rule it out completely. Stupider things have been done or at least considered by this government.
    Various consultants have submitted reports to the current government calling for the banning of hunting, recreational fishing, personal boating, trail bikes, bushwalking etc. All these were rejected so far, however. I think it's very, very unlikely for the simple reason that nobody stands to MAKE money out of it. The government doesn't really care too much about spending taxpayers dollars, but if there is votes in something they'll go for it, and if there's big dollars to be made by one of there corporate backers, they'll go for it.
    The public doesn't actually care enough about bikes one way or the other to influence their vote, and no big bikkies to be made, so I think we are prolly safe.
  11. Let them do it and they'll be crossing over to the other side in more ways than one :evil:
    (I think I've just committed sedition :shock: )
  12. Not referring to this perhaps:

    Victorian ban on monkey-bikes?

    Meaning the banning of half-size cheap-skate replica motorbikes that have no real suspension, or anything else that really qualifies them as safe road-going vehicles.
  13. For some reason this brought back memories of that B grade kids show back in the seventies called "chopper squad", but that was about lifesavers not piggies.

  14. Tooth fairy is not real . Santa told me .

  15. I think Bracks and his wanking mates have already done enough to deserve that promotion

    bring on voting day
  16. perhaps thats it !! lol sorry to start a panic oops !! i think by the looks of this victoria would end up with no residents left .....after all the bikes leave :LOL:
  17. i would like to take this oppirtunity to declare that I am in no way connected with the opposition to the bracks government , and i totally deny that i am , or was sane at the time of the statement :LOL:
  18. is the Popes wife a catholic?
  19. They would never ban them as it would waste too good an opportunity to just tax us out of existance instead!!!

  20. There is already a plan to ban motorcycles in Europe within 15 years.

    (Or just do a Google search for "Vision Zero" and "motorcycle".)

    If it can happen there it can happen here.

    I think we riders (and manufactorers and suppliers) should be proactive and start kicking up a stink about it before it becaomes a reality.