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Victoria wide search - number plate CHEWY

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by mini_chew90, Mar 14, 2010.

  1. Hey guys,
    It my brothers 18th coming up and was about to order the personalised plate CHEWY for his bike. It was available at that time then 1 week later when i rounded up the $500. IT WAS TAKEN. ](*,) I desperately need this plate. I was wondering what are my options If anyone knows the owner of this plate I will be happy to offer for it.
    So guys if you have and tips on what i can do or spot a vehicle with CHEWY please post.


  2. what about CH3WY

    lol nah dosnt look right
  3. you thought about that 1 it doesnt look right and 2 apparently it's an invaild combo.

    keep your eyes out for it
  4. lol you want him to be remembered if he does something naughty? You could put a "wanted" add out in trading post etc, don't like your chances. Sorry.
  5. Chew1

    and everytime i try this, the stupid website converts it all to lowercase... sigh.
  6. I found it was easier to change my name to IL543.
  7. Yeah, I know him...

  8. Even if you do find it, it's going to be more than $500 now. ;)
  9. whats to say its a bike though, could be a car, dont think u can register a chewy plate on a car and chewy plate on a bike at the same time..

    but someone will correct me if im wrong as vic roads is diff to rta