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Victoria, the Police State...

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by cejay, Nov 29, 2009.

  1. It seems that the Victorian Government, in an effort to be even tougher on crime is about to institute new stop and search laws.


    So, despite no evidence to back these new laws, they'll be with you soon. I am sure that Mr Overland is a fine and decent bloke and that he'd personally never abuse any of the rights that have been granted to him, but police represent and are made up of the community they're drawn from and as a result there will be many times where these new powers will be solely used to harass and persecute sections of the community. Think it won't apply to you, then think again.

    Grue, by your last post, it's time to leave.

  2. Excuse me Mr Cameron, you've been randomly selected for a complimentary strip search. Its for your own safety.
  3. I'm not allowed to carry a knife?
    I'm fairly sure my motorcycle toolkit includes several sharp objects.
  4. I can't believe that this barely raises an eyebrow in Victoria. A police officer needs not have any reason to perform a search of you, other than you are in a declared area?

    Don't be homeless, don't be black, don't be someone the copper doesn't like. No doubt it will catch a few people carrying knives, but where do you draw the line? Why not permit searches of peoples houses, with no reason other than the copper thinks you might be someone who commits crimes?

    Stop and Search like this was used in the UK in the early 80's, was widely abused and was seen as a cause of much unrest within the minority communities.
  5. That's an easy fix...just walk around naked and not suspicious, you won't be randomly frisked by Officer Douchebag.
  6. Actually, man makes a point. Knives aren't the only things that can cause a sharp force trauma. So if you take this into consideration, a man walking to his mates house with an 8" screwdriver is searched. What happens now? Is he fined for carrying a weapon?
  7. Handheld metal detectors are surely cheap if you order in bulk from the factory.

    Too bad if your business is in a designated area for 12 months and the locals start going elsewhere to avoid the prospect of being fondled by The Law.

    As an out of state visitor, I'm going to wonder if I'll get searched because I've just walked along the wrong bit of street, even in a good area at a sensible hour.

    I suppose anyone who resists will be charged, thus suddenly becoming a criminal.
  8. If they ask me to drop my pants ill get fined for carrying a weapon of mass destruction :bolt:
  9. "Oh, I'm just glad to see you Officer."
  10. there are times it pays to be a hospitality worker! This should be fun.
  11. It hasn't raised eyebrows in Victoria for the simple reason that nobody knew about it until it was a done deal. The Opposition is so incompetent and disengaged that virtually nothing is debated in parliament before it passes, and the media therefore doesn't get the briefings that it used to when legislation being proposed.

    There is a small but significant list of instances where certain members of VP have been accused of escalating tensions with particular groups (Somali community in Flemington, for example). There is every reason to be concerned about how this law could be abused.

    I heartily agree that something needs to be done about the growing knife and weapon culture in Victoria. Throwing out civil rights isn't it.
  12. hmmm would this be a breach of the Humans rights thingo Vic has?
  13. We don't have any civil rights. We exist at the "queen's pleasure".

    Yep, but then it shows that the Human Rights Charter is nothing but piss and wind, really.

    Someone commented that Simon Overland is a good bloke and would never abuse these new powers. That much is a given. The guy has never been a street cop, having spent all of his career either working for the AFP which does bugger all crime fighting, or in academia.

    Physically the fellow looks like he could do the job but that he has never had to walk into a pub full of drunks with only another copper, possibly some hairdresser type female cop as backup shows that he has no idea what the police out there have to deal with.

    As for the current generation of police members, it seems that they are focusing more on recruiting those with "people skills" rather than those who have no problems tackling drunks, druggies or crooks who have no problems having a go.

    In the local cop shop there used to be a poster. It was a picture of a dark and threatening alley. The caption read: "you wouldn't go down there for a million dollars. A police member has to do it for a good deal less."

    Would any of them these days venture into dark and scary places, particularly by themselves?

    I doubt it.

    Anyway, these laws are just bullshit. Cops will focus on soft targets. Those that are caught up in such ops will get a CBO or wholly suspended sentence or whatever. Will be wished "good luck" by the magistrate as they leave court laughing and thumbing their noses at both the police and at the judicial system.
  14. mjt57, people skills is a very important part of being a copper. For right or for wrong with discrimination laws they can no longer recruit on requirements such as minimum height, weight, sex, age etc like they used to not all that long ago.

    As for going down the alley by themselves, the first rule of being a copper is to look after your safety first. They're no good to anyone else if they're down or injured.
  15. That's why God invented Shotguns, and Kevlar. Not to mention Torches and Glock's... Give them all a Flash bang and that any Pub/alley/riot situation solved.
  16. The Victoria Libs are joke. They are not only letting themselves down, but the community as a whole as Brumby runs riot in the governing of the state. They don't oppose anything in the area of law and order. All they say is that that they want even tougher laws and penalties than what Brumby does. This leaves them looking like a paler shade of the Labor party rather than a viable alternative government. It's for that reason I believe that the Libs will spend many more years in opposition. The stronger the opposition the more honest the government of the day has to be, Ballieu isn’t up to it, he should stand aside.
  17. The legislation will not accomplish what it says it's for.
    Random searches do not prevent weapons violence, like random breath tests do not "prevent" drink driving, and random audits do not "prevent" tax fraud.
    There is an argument they reduce these instances, but it still happens.

    Buy the police some metal detectors and let them perform unobtrusive searches for exactly what they need to find ONLY.
    In the meantime, I'd make sure any officer searching me has to go through a shit-load of paperwork for the privilage.

    Complaint regarding conduct of officer _______

    Last friday evening, I was body searched by Officer ________ on SuchnSuch St in SuburbTown.
    I wish to report this officer for the incident of sexual harassment which took place.
    During the search, I objected to the officer touching me around my inner thighs and chest, as I felt I was being assaulted not searched. I was very uncomfortable and requested they stop.
    I was told to 'be quiet', and the officer made a noise like a grunt of sexual satisfaction a number of times during the search.

    I was very upset, and said so, but was offered no medical attention or counselling about the incident.

    I feel the officer's misconduct should be investigated immediately, and he should be suspended pending the outcome of this investigation.

    Should I receive no satisfactory response to this letter, I shall be forced to go to the media.
  18. I gotta laugh; no, really.

    We have a bigger population, we have fewer Police, most of them are tied up doing paperwork on the car accident they attended, you can't get a Policeman to a scene when a crime HAS been committed, but Police are going to be wandering around with so much time on their hands that they can search any innocent citizen, thereby creating even more paperwork and an even longer response time to real crimes.

    Yeah, right.

    You people have got to stop reading science-fiction, or stop smoking whatever you are smoking, and get a grip on reality :roll:.
  19. ****ing sons of bitches. I cannot adequately express my disgust at this. Inoperable brain cancer for anyone who voted for this bullshit.
  20. What a joke.

    Police state is right.

    The hoon laws were about anti social behaviour and gatherings... but has been interpreted to mean vehicle confiscation if you trip the speed margins - whether or not there's any antisocial aspect what so ever.

    These stop and search laws will be creatively employed too.

    I was disgusted when I heard about the new laws today.