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Victoria- the place to be- FINED

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by smee, Feb 11, 2012.

  1. [​IMG]

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  2. +1

    Agreed, never got a fine till I moved here
  3. where can i get one?!
  4. In Victoria.
  5. group buy please
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    I copped 3 fines in 6 months :( under 5kms over speed limit in my car.
  7. This was on a van parked near Stkilda beach, couldn't resist taking a pic, now where to get these stickers?
  8. Need to get these stickers out there on every bl00dy car/truck/bike/moped in the state!
  9. Wow, they really do that??
  10. They do it here too.....but more likely from the fixed cameras
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  12. New game, how many cop cars can we stealthily tag with these stickers??!!
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  13. Yep agree...
    It's all about collecting more fines under the disguise of safety!

    I have many family members who were driving for decades and never had a speeding ticket until the mobile cameras were set to infringe with the current low tolerances.
    Apparently now they're a danger to everyone.

    Had a 75 (detected 78) in a 70 last day of 2011..
    It was one of those setups where there was a 50, 60 then 70 withing a few meters to each other coming out of St Leonards.
    When I past the 70, remember questioning myself whether it was a 70 then looked down and my gps was saying 80k zone.
    I didn't question it due to the type of road I was on.
    And why would I, look at the road in the pic below and tell me if there are no other similar roads as this with an 80kph limit!
    Further on, came across another 70k sign and remember thinking another one of those reduced limits.
    That's where two weeks later, I found out the camera got me..
    Like they don't know people get confused by using a lot of different speed signs within a stone throw close to each other.

    And yeah this is another one of those places where I would have been doing nothing wrong a short time ago.

    Err.... that's not me in the pic...haha

    All turning into a big joke and just another way of collecting revenue...

    But it could be worst as my recent ride up to Sydney revealed.
    The limit reductions in NSW is making VIC look more sensible..
  14. Yes that's true - enforcement might not be QUITE to the idiotic level that it is in VIC but some of the limits in NSW are ridiculous. Many nice roads now 60kph limit and enforced, I'm sure they were 100 not so long back.

    That's it, I'm moving to TAS! Just got back from a trip there (car unfortunately) and OH-MY-WORD, motorcycling heaven. Mostly 100kph limits and didn't see a single copper the whole week...
  15. Oooh Yes! I like!
  16. I got a nice surprise yesterday when my license renewal came through - I got a discount for not getting caught for three years.