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Victoria Police shoots at speeding motorist

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by ajrider, Nov 12, 2015.

  1. Not to be outdone by their NSW counterparts - Vicpol weren't satisfied with throwing a clipboard (or clipboard like object :) ) at a car with stolen plates, and opted for lead instead:

    I guess if you can't pursue them in your car, you can with bullets.

    Shot fired as car hits police officer on Melbourne freeway

  2. My wife's a cop (few years in) and part of the training had a video specifically pointing out how stupid it is to shoot at a moving car. So this was pretty funny to me, and pretty dangerous of him. Eastlink isn't exactly a quiet area, he's lucky he didn't miss and harm someone.

    Side note. It seems like every article I've read about it has a different opinion on whether the officer was "knocked over", "nearly run over, jumping out of the way", or "hit by the car rolling over the windscreen".
    Even the police news site has conflicting takes on it:
    Police incident at ANPR site in Donvale - Victoria Police News (Jump out of the way)
    Police search for car involved in Donvale ANPR incident - Victoria Police News (Knocked him over)
  3. Cop is in hospital recovering, maybe he shot himself by accident????
  4. Probably just a "I scraped my knee-sie when I jumped out of the way :(" and hospital is probably the default thing for any ouchies incident on the job.
  5. That's being suggested as a possibility. I doubt we'll hear any more but the member no doubt will.
    Meh. If it had ended with one less car thief wasting oxygen I wouldn't have cried.
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  6. Is there any mention of where or what the bullet struck. It was on the busy freeway with lots of traffic and the bullet could have easily missed, or passed through the car and killed a man, woman or child in another vehicle.
  7. I don't think the road was that "busy", apparently the set up was in or adjacent to a 40 km/h roadwork site, so probably slow and only one lane of traffic.
  8. No doubt the matter will be scrutinised as I believe is standard practice when shots are fired. The car driver did deliberately attempt to run down the police officer, whether or not discharging a firearm was an appropriate response is a matter for the Police internal investigation section. Personally in this case I can see the motivation to fire and the pistol is there for police to protect themselves if they believe their life or lives of the public are at risk. We shouldn't second guess the investigation.
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  9. If he did try and run the copper over then good luck to the cop. If I had a gun on me and someone tried to kill me with their car I would shoot them as well.
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    No CookiesHerald Sun

    The vehicle, with stolen numberplates, is now the subject of a major police hunt after it sped off, leaving the senior constable injured on the road.
    “The driver of that vehicle accelerated hard towards the police member and ran him down,” said Acting Superintendent David Griffin.
    Witnesses said the police officer’s gun went off just before he bounced up the bonnet and into the windscreen, finally falling on to the road.

    The car then sped off towards the city, but police members did not pursue it.

    The officer was taken to hospital suffering injuries to his right knee and lacerations to his arms.
    He was bleeding quite heavily when I attended at that scene before the ambulance arrived,” Supt Griffin said.

    stolen plates = stolen car?

    news reports say he stole petrol a couple of hours earlier.. in his 20's..
    Driver of car that ran down officer fails to pay for petrol at service station: police

    witness said cop was thrown over the WRB at side of road... probably did more damage to him than the car :D
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  11. The officer is at home recovering with his family. He was attempting to stop the vehicle and was moving in front of it when the driver changed the vehicle's direction and accelerated at the officer striking him as described previously. The officer got off a single shot which is believed to have struck the vehicle. The offender had come from a fuel theft in Bayswater, the vehicle had stolen plates which is why it was flagged. This was a predicted outcome of the new pursuit policy.
  12. No CookiesHerald Sun

    A MAN has been arrested over a dramatic hit-run in which a police officer was struck on EastLink.

    The 30-year-old, from Wantirna South, was arrested in Whitehorse Rd at Box Hill this morning
    It followed a major manhunt since a car on Wednesday drove at the policeman who opened fire at a roadblock near the Melba Tunnel at Donvale.
    The car involved, a Ford Falcon XR6 with stolen numberplates, was seized from a Preston property on Thursday.
    Police had earlier released CCTV vision of the vehicle being used in a petrol drive-off.
    A 46-year-old Thornbury man was also arrested and later released.
  13. Split second decision to either draw and fire or jump out of the way? I know which one I would have chosen! Interesting reflex unless there wasn't anywhere to go?
  14. Im with McsennaMcsenna, you come at me with a weapon of any sort and I've got a gun it would be a case of "say hello to my little friend".

    The low life car thief deserved it.
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  15. Yep, I'm with JeffcoJeffco and McsennaMcsenna on this one, it's one thing to throw a tampon (or whatever it was) at a "speeding" biker on the opposite side of the road (unacceptable in my view as the rider presented no immediate danger to the plod) but it is OK to try and stop a car aimed directly and deliberately at you if your life is in danger.
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  16. Try being the operative word here... Shooting at a car isn't gonna stop it if it's heading toward you.
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    Man, 30, charged after 'running down police officer'
    The 30-year-old has been charged with endangering life, recklessly causing injury, intentionally causing injury, speeding, theft, failure to stop after an accident and possession of a drug of dependence

    no mention so far that the car was stolen... just that the plates were stolen, and he'd been stealing fuel and driving off.
    wonder if he will use drug addiction as a copout excuse?

    also wonder if this is the same guy? how many 30 y.o Tyson Manitta's can there be?
    Man has drug charges downgraded after vast majority of ‘white powder’ found to be sports supplement
    Yesterday police dropped the circumstance of aggravation on the charge and Manitta pleaded guilty to drug possession for the tiny amount of meth.
    Solicitor Jason Grant, from Hannay Lawyers, said his client had moved to the Gold Coast from Victoria with his girlfriend for a fresh start.
    “His mistake was in among his property while he was packaging the MSM he reused a clip seal bag he’d held in possession for some time,” he said.
  18. simple. if they were hit there'd be a national day of mourning. rushed through new laws. and it would be all over the news. screw paris.

    its pretty safe to say the police are exaggerating again to justify their behavior and will only change their story as video turns up on youtube.
  19. It's pretty safe to say that post is rubbish.
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  20. You wouldn't be wrong to assume it to be the same individual, obviously the move up to QLD for a fresh start didn't work.
    And why bother changing plates to steal petrol, the cameras at petrol stations are crap. Just throw some dirt over it, if you're really worried.
    Yes I can see it now, your Honour my client has just moved down from QLD for a fresh start after a relationship breakdown, he wasn't thinking and panicked when approached by the officer.