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Victoria Police members are all HOONS

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by TheRuss, Jul 8, 2010.

  1. http://theage.drive.com.au/motor-news/police-speed-warnings-20100707-100nz.html

    If we use the same statistical manipulation that Ken Lay has been offering about motorcyclists... doesn't that make the entire Police Force hoons?! :deal: :rofl:

  2. yep it does, but they appear to have a 'do as i say, not as i do' attitude.
    i've thought many times about becoming a cop. i'd love to work traffic (and yes i would be reasonable). i'd be the feather-ruffler who pops cops breaking the laws they're paid to uphold. and i would certainly put less emphasis on speed and clamp down on poor driving. only thing that stopped me was cops get paid shit

    side note: north qld a few years back there was an off-duty officer who crashed his car while DUI, was dragged before the tribunal and his only penalty was to be relocated and stuffed behind a desk for a few months. justice?
  3. Oh thats gold!.......
    I'd suggest a VERY carefully worded letter be sent to the HUN, Age, etc saying exactly that.

    If a hoon is a driver doing 25k over the limit, or driving in the way proscribed in the legislation doesn't that make ALL the drivers "hoons"?

    OR, is it a good example of the fact that if trained, experienced drivers slip up what hope do we "poor mortals" have?
  4. around 60% warnings issued .... wtf.

    I am sure that 60% of the driving public get warnings. And i'd certainly like to know how many of those warnings were for a multiple time. If you listen to the way the state government whinges and whines, youd think that there would be lucky to be 500 members of the Victorian Police.

    Fuk me swinging, the criminals are all in charge of the law. I'd think that would be worthy of an investigation by the corruption watchdog. Maybe Ken might of got a warning to if the media didn't find out.
  5. This is why I say motorcyclists and drivers aren't hoons, people are hoons. Heck, an 80 year old woman was charged yesterday with 164kph in a 100kph zone, and she's not the only elderly person caught hooning - are old people hoons? http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/ye...riving-at-164kmh/story-e6frf7jo-1225889128435

    You aren't a hoon just because you ride a bike, or drive a car, are a cop or are an older person. I think we need to accept that some of us are hoons but counter it with "some of you (drivers, elderly, cops, etc) are also hoons".
  6. Gold!!!
  7. Wasn't Ken Lay himself recently caught speeding ?
  8. So at the age of 80 she did the old imperial ton without crashing and dying. Why the hell should VicRoads review her fitness to drive. According to current propaganda, her driving skills must be positively superhuman!

    I'd love to know her history. I suspect she might be an interesting old bird.
  9. Last year on the Eastern I was nearly taken out by a police car 'merging' into the emergancy lane from the grass centre strip chasing an 'offending vehicle' who should not have been in the transit lane. The police car was out of control, fish tailing from the grass strip into the emergancy lane. Missed me by a bees dick. It happened to quickly and was to shaken up to get his number.
  10. From the Article:
    This has been in for a long time and occasionally the media chooses to remind the public. If people choose to take that option it is up to them. The criteria is strict but is the same for everyone. So I can't see how it would be of interest to the OPI. More information can be found here - http://police.vic.gov.au/content.asp?Document_ID=10369

    As far as multiple times, as mentioned above, if the driver has not had a fine in the past two years and they pass the other criteria, then they can apply for the warning. A person would be crazy not to. Why take a fine and one point if you are elligible for a warning? :shock:
  11. It was last year but it remained under wraps whilst he was the face of the "don't speed"/lower road toll program (irony eh?) was running during Xmas. i.e http://www.theage.com.au/national/ken-lay-top-traffic-cop-caught-speeding-20100114-maan.html

    And Ken Lay's words apparently: "But I made that decision, I made it in good faith, and made it in the interest of making sure all Victorians were focused on slowing down and doing the right thing rather than Ken Lay doing a dumb thing and getting a speed camera fine.’’