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VIC Victoria Police live chat - motorcycle safety

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by cazzo, Mar 26, 2013.

  1. Didn't they try this last year, and ignore every single question about actual safety and carried on about speeding the whole time?
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    Yes they did complete waste of time.. one big brainwashing session . Just bollocks

    Just fyi ..Vic roads retweeted this today on twitter
  3. Well I never saw last years chat, so can only speculate that they probably did.
    I'll certainly send in some questions and I encourage everyone in Vic to send in questions. Just don't be a bogan about it, no need to ask 'Why do I get shafted in Healesville with my fender eliminator, which looks hektik bro on my R1 bro'.
  4. lol... my bike is over 96db, so mch so im continually egtting evil looks from people ive clearly distracted from the sms they were sending... how does that detrimentally affect my safety?
  5. well... its less likely to be an accident if they hit you... doesnt mean that it less chance they will hit you
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  6. I'd like to go in the opposite direction and see no one send in questions have vicpol sitting there tapping the keyboard .

    Showing the complete irrelevants of this orgnizeation in regards to motorcycle safety
  7. You may be surprised, your bike may be perfectly legal at 96db, maybe even more. I can help you with this :sneaky:

    Ah, the wider riding community isn't on Netrider. I
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  8. What is the point of asking about fender iliminators? We know they are ilegal, they don't comply with ADR's or road worthy standards.
    So remind me what there is to debate about them?
  9. Oct 29, 2010 thread: Vic Police Motorcycle Online Chat Nov 3.

    Leading Snr Constable Craig McKenzie:

    From Chef at NetRider: …what (do) fender eliminators, indicators and after market zorsts have to do with road safety and the roadtoll?
    Wednesday November 3, 2010 3:39 Moderator

    LSC Craig McKenzie (Mac):
    Chef, I know what the importance of having indicators are. So that other road users know when the rider intends to turn or change lanes. A hand signal here can also still be used but I have seen and you probably have as well where a rider is too lazy to even use them. On this, if they are not too far apart then the identifier has trouble in determining which way the use is sought. The rear fenders and loud exhaust are obvious.
    Wednesday November 3, 2010 3:44 LSC Craig McKenzie (Mac)


  10. Might print that off and carry it around with me :)
  11. A while ago I sent an email to the media people at VicPol noting my displeasure at the way their news releases place blame on the rider when a bike gets cleaned up by a car. Their media person now thinks it's ok to spam me with their new 'initiatives'.

    However, I thought I'd post this here as there may be some people on this forum who may like to take up their invitation as per below:

    Good afternoon,

    In the lead up to Easter, Victoria Police will be hosting an online chat on Thursday 28 March at 11am around motorcycle safety over the Easter holiday period - http://www.vicpolicenews.com.au/component/content/article/10-pages/11893-online-chat-easter-road-safety.html

    An analysis of road trauma during the Easter period over the past five years has shown motorcyclists are particularly at risk during this time.

    Police will launch their Easter road safety and enforcement campaign, Operation Crossroads, later this week with a particular focus on motorcycle safety ahead of the high-risk holiday period.

    Senior Sergeant Dan Hilton from the Victoria Police Solo Unit will answer questions and provide advice on motorcycle safety and the rules around on and off-road riding during Thursday's live chat.

    I invite you to participate on the day or to send any questions for discussion during the chat to us ahead of Thursday - digmediaunit-mgr@police.vic.gov.au.

    Please feel free to share this information with any friends or colleagues who may be interested.

    Kind regards,



    Cath Allen | Senior Media Officer (Road policing and public transport safety) -Media Unit | Victoria Police
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    It wasn't me asking the questions.
    That said, it wasn't so much as to the illegal nature of them but the absolute no discretion approach when there is no impedance to the view of the plate and there are no safety risks to anyone from removing fenders.
    But as you would know, questioning a police officer as to the nature of a law is all but useless as they act with impunity and without care.
  13. Its likely he does not know what he's talking about because the clause prescribed by legislation where a rear fender is not required (which I've posted elsewhere when a photo of police motorcycle without fender was uploaded), would not apply to your motorcycle.

    No need to delete mate. Have merged the two threads retaining your thread title.

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  14. Dont think there is any point sending them no questions, they will make up their own. Send them hard questions.

    Maybe about the use of camoflauge for speed detection when visible policing is more effective?
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  15. VC, all over it. I sent in about six questions and that was one of them.
  16. new question... how much do you get paid by the bikies? and when you raided that club earlier was it at the request of the other club, who's paying you, or was it in order to force a pay rise from the club you hit?

    .... i wonder how much went "missing" during the police raids.
  17. I won't have any access at the time. Can someone ask them to release the analysis please.
  18. which analysis Rob?