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Victoria Police has it lost credibilty

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by maggsy, Jul 30, 2008.

  1. Now charges have been laid on what was the forces finest members
    Do you think that This has tarnished the Victoria police?
    Has the Image of the force been damaged with or without a conviction of these two highly decorated police?
    Should the Commisioner now stand down ?

  2. Yeah umm like, you're going to need to give us a link to a news article or something - coz I have no idea what you're talking about.
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  4. Oh sweet, yeah - totally agree with whatever.
  5. i-rection that you need a proper link.
  6. I don't think you can assume they were the force's finest members, they just happen to be near the top of the tree. Look at how any other organisation works - why would VicPol be any different?
  7. Mullet 30 year veteran twice awarded the Valour Medal
    Noel Ashby assistant Commisioner lets face it boys they earned their possition
    they where not Voted IN unlike my self who decided not to nominate
    The reasons for me not standing this time are listed below
    I Moved to Horsam distance 3.5 hours from Melbourne
    2 Have a wife 2 children under the age of 3 and want to dedicate more time to them wife 20 years my junior.
    3 I have current project with vicroads on the go which also did not allow the time needed at the top of the MRA
    4 I groomed John for a year as vice president and stood down to allow him to proceed in the roll
    3 years as President is enough pumping in over ten thousand dollars of my own money didn,t cut well with the wife
    I have to think of cost education of my children now and suporting a family
    It was simple as a single Man but clearly different now
    Fidel :grin:
  8. You mean further tarnished don't you?

    Should she stand down? She's lucky she can stand at all, our female Chief Wiggum!
  9. When postng this topic I knew this would attract some debate but honestly has any one looked at my topic and made an atempt to answer the basic questions without running of topic???
  10. Did you mean this article?

    And she was a chick, she shouldn't have stood up in the first place, just like there should never be a female prime minister or president... or else we'll have world hugs day, or a national holiday every month for "hot water bottles, tubs of ice cream and girlie movies" :LOL: :popcorn:

    But cops start out good, and get turned bitter and twisted, so we should all take the law into our own hands and run mayhem :twisted:
  11. Yes I believe the small amount of respect shown to the force will now be even further diminished as a result. I respect real police catching real crims, but glorified tax agents that's another story.

    The biggest problem with chief wiggum is the push for more female police at the expense of men who are well and truly more suited. By this I mean the excessive numbers of female recruits who leap frog males who have been on the list for much longer. FFS the physical aptitude tests were shortened and made easier so woman would have more chance. The wall climb is a prime example. It was lowered after too many female recruits failed to clear it!

    And I think she should roll over rather than stand down! :twisted:
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    Ashby, Linnell and Mullett have all admitted telling porkies.

    Doesn't much matter what good they did to earn their stripes, they undo themselves with lies. Conviction or none, they have admitted to things they would never come clean over unless others were digging. It will be interesting to see what else comes up. They can call it what they like, but it amounts to corruption.

    And if you want me to answer the basic question in case I was not clear enough, then yes, I think it has tarnished the Police.
  13. Mullet is a scourge, and the commissioner just grows in stature day by day.
    Has there ever been a better police commissioner, I think not!
  14. So did the Qld Police Commissioner who was jailed some years back - and quite a few of the corrupt cops in NSW had decorations of one sort or another.

    FFS some of these accusations at the OPI included cops leaking information about a witness who was later taken out by a hitman. While some of these guys are trying to make out it's about political correctness etc. underneath it's about a corrupt culture in some areas.

    Ashby's departure was good for motorcycling - he wasn't fond of bikes - even less so that his predecessor who everybody loves to hate. :)
  15. Victoria Police actually had credibility to lose :shock:.
    Really this is hardly a surprise given the amount of other things senior Police officials have been involved in which haven't been made public (and which I'm certainly not about to disclose here).
    Be interesting to see what sort of stuff, if any, may be revealed as a result of one of them trying to weasel out of serious disciplinary action or criminal charges.
  16. Oh man, I've watched too much of The Shield lately not to assume these guys are up to their necks in it :grin:
  17. But telling a porkie is not "corruption". Wrong yes.
    I think the 5kmh limits, the Tastie nightclub scandal and the drugs scandals have tarnished Vicpol more.
    And this crap about lowering entrance standards.
    If you can't cut it don't join.
    Christine needs to go.
  18. What they were fibbing about IS.

    Ktulu - Perhaps they need a little more Vic!
  19. Why?

    If Christine had gone before last years OPI, Ashby was positioning himself for the job. He was 'in' with the ALP, was on good terms with Mullett and was making all sorts of contacts and noises about his suitability. So, a man who is now to be charged with a range of offences, who (at the least) gave the impression of wrongdoing possibly providing information to a suspect in a murder case would have been chief. Awesome.

    Nixon has dragged the police force out of the middle ages and tried to bring them into the 21st century. An organisation that prior to her arrival had suffered accusations of corruption in drugs, vice and the serious crime unit (I can't remember the correct title).

    All I hear is sour grapes and misogynistic comments.