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Victoria Police Camera/OCR rego checks

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by mjt57, Mar 16, 2005.

  1. Another reason for FNPs. DJ McCarthy, MRA Vice prez, posted a note today about cops testing a new bit of technology that's reminiscent of OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software. It supposedly locates and zooms in on number plates, scans it, then interogates the rego database. It then reports either lost, stolen or valid rego.

    Apparently the cops checked 2,700 vehicles with 51 of them being booked.

    The "camera" or whatever it was, was shooting from the front.
  2. A little birdy tells me the rear shooting cameras will be rego plate recognising ones so they can get rid of the troublesome e-TAGs completely as the excuse for bikes not being tolled is they cant secure the tags without them being stolen when parked.

    I notice the Scoresby will be tolling bikes.
  3. Will they have front (existing) and rear facing cameras working in tandem? I understand that one of the problems with rear facing cameras is that they can't pick up truck regos, particularly those who run trailers that don't belong to the truck (prime mover) owner.

    Anyway, how come NSW-siders with their tollways don't get the same leeway as us? I believe that there are no exemptions for bikes at all up there.
  4. You'd think the MRA would get their facts right before sending off emails to all and sundry with incorrect information and FUD. I guess it shows the [lack of] professionalism.
  5. So what's the correct story?
  6. The technology has been around and in use for some time. Only the way they are using it is new. The OCR unit does not interrogate the rego database at VicRoads, but a special database on laptop on-site. This laptop is loaded with only the registrations of vehicles that police are interested in ... unregistered vehicles, stolen vehicles, or vehicles that have been involved/used in a crime.
  7. And how do you know this?
  8. Heard it on the talkback radio Tues morning when they had it setup at Federation Square (police minister gave the details re: laptop and database), and also saw it in Russell Street later same morning. Stopped, asked questions, and got shown a demo of it operating :)
  9. So how is this different - it's a new use of the technology rather than a use of new technology?

    I'll be interested in knowing how you can have a database of unregistered vehicles on a laptop? That means you need a database of every numberplate issued in Victoria which is not currently registered - and at that it couldn't be up to date! I fail to see why they couldn't be using a radio link back to the central registration database. I know that they use thin-client technology pretty extensively so wireless bandwidth isn't an issue. There's nothing to stop them having a local database of specific interest vehicles as well as the remote database of registrations.

    The technology does do basically what DJ said and it is used for the exact purpose he said - where's the FUD in that?

    By the way, a posting to netrider, the MRA forum and to a group specifically concerned with front numberplates is not exactly "all & sundry"...

  10. Oh, they'll just stuff it up again, like they did with speed cameras in tunnels, drugs testing, etc.
    But, they have to make their money, so there is a new tool!!!
    I'm all legal so no worries for me!

    As far databases go, it is very easy to update it on laptop at the end of each day, and even during the day (think similar:wireless internet etc.)

    I liked the camera that recorded speed of the plane that was taking of, instead of poor BA falcon that it was supposed to record!!! Yesterday somewhere in Mt. Dromana I think. Just caught glimps of it ont TV.
  11. Hmm. I wonder if this will develop into an urban legend, not unlike the one where a copper's doing radar duty and as his radar "locks" onto a nearly RAF Tornado on final into a nearby RAF base.Its ECM (Electronic Counter Measures) gear fires up and fries the copper's radar....

    Or variations on that....
  12. I think all bikes should come standard with that. :LOL:
  13. I'd prefer the machine gun....take a few chunks out of each car that tries to take you out and we'll see if they start being more aware of thier soroundings.
  14. and most likely outstanding fines(speed, parking)
  15. Do you think the police are really interested in that? I might be wrong here, but I think they'll consider it out of their hands once the ticket is in yours. Civic Compliance will be the ones sending the debt collectors, methinks. Or the summons. :evil:
  16. They'll do what they did a few years back on Toorak Road South Yarra, they went out along with the Sherrifs Office and did random checks on as many cars as they could. They got a heap of outstanding fines and warrants as well as the usual traffic stuff. Theres nothing to stop the Civic Compliance people accompanying the cops for these exercises...

  17. I read of a study in England where tickets issued to owners of cars parked illegally in disabled spaces were cross checked with outstanding warrants. The strike rate was very high.
  18. I remember that study. I think they had a 75% strike rate ranging from traffic offences to major crimes. Most had several outstanding warrants against them.

    I believe that it has become routine for police to do cross checks on this in some parts of the UK.

    If nothing else it's probably easier to find a disabled parking place now :D (Having had to carry various disabled relatives around, it's a real pisser when you find the disabled parking places fille dby some bastard who shouldn't be there :x )