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Victoria looks into filtering

Discussion in 'Research, Studies, and Data' at netrider.net.au started by korbail, Jun 26, 2013.

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  2. I'm new to this so take it easy on me, but something doesnt make sense to me here.... why would they promote a filtering awareness campaign when for all intensive purposes, filtering is still "illegal"... granted if it helps some cagers be more aware of us then i'm all for that... and its a step in the right direction. but yeah just a thought i had
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  3. They're looking at making it legal, but before they do they will probably do a trial just like NSW has.
  4. Its also illegal in QLD, even though I have been trialing it for the past 10 years. Preliminary results are "its good".
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  5. hopefully all goes well then, but it is Vic after all
  6. Is anybody actually looking seriously into it, or even thinking about trialing it here? Or are we just wishing "somebody" would?
  7. I've just had another look at the government response, and I can't see anywhere where they say they'll do anything to promote filtering. It only speaks of finding ways to increase mutual respect and awareness btw motorcycles and drivers. It DOES give a negative spin to filtering (impractical to enforce, avoiding unsafe lane splitting) AND says there'll be no change to any road rules.

    So I can't see where all this has come from.
    Page 21, recommendation 59.
  8. I think you're right GD.

    The fact that recommendation 59 was supported in principle is the take home message and recommendation 59 is about setting up a filtering working group... But what I think the response is saying is that it acknowledges that filtering would improve driver awareness which should have beneficial benefits throughout the road system... but they seem to cowardly to tackle the issue - mind you it's the working group that would tackle the issue, so the government response pre-empts the working group outcome... instead they'll try to wangle up an awareness campaign to garner some of the same benefits. Some have interpretted that as an awareness campaign about filtering...

    In the end, I suspect that an awareness campaign without any genuine driver education syllabus change will be throwing money down the drain AND Vicroads loses out on the double bonus of the congestion and environmental benefits filtering provides... so ultimately the pendulum will swing back to logical reality.

    From my understanding Vicroads is NOT against filtering. VicPol and DoJ seem to be the road blocks.
  9. I think what you're looking at here is an attempt to get a snowball rolling using the media. The more reports that it is going to happen, the more likely it will. I applaud the proponents (not too hard to guess who) and it should be supported with hope, not cynicism.
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  10. You're right Titus. Setting the agenda in the media is a great strategy and the fact that the whole of government response pre-empts the result of the working group is a chink I intend to explore... might need to get a bit of an email campaign going ala NSW CTP style.
  11. Just be careful we don't pick the eyes out of the recommendations and only select the good ones. I also like the star rating for gear - rated as to protections (see Recommendations 51 to 54), but would not like to see mandatory requirements on colours / reflective vests - are there any in the report? Thanks for the link GD, very handy.
  12. /me applauding and supporting

    another snowball is to get more riders filtering.

    I'm doing my bit for NSW and will help you guys next time I hit your beautiful roads.
  13. The Whole Of Government Response (hence forth known as WOGR) doesn't support star rating, given that there is some kind of consumer testing program in play at the moment. But it's not a bad idea.

    It's interesting that the WOGR doesn't support a mandatory standard, but the vic roads safety strategy which is referenced at the start of the WOGR has placed mandatory boots on the legislative agenda.
  14. Though not specifically illegal, there are a range of offenses you could be charged with if you do it in an unsafe manner as determined by a police officer. In 2006 the National Transport Association proposal 151a was to define and make illegal the practice. After successful lobbying at the state and national level the proposal was withdrawn for further examination and has been held over our heads since then.

    This is a priority topic for all Rider representative groups around the country. Get to know who they are to read up on what's being done.




    IN 2011 the then Manager of the MA Riders Division Rob Smith developed a proposal backed by the MRAV, VMC & AMC which was presented to VicRoads.


    Since then this has been a part of submissions to the Parliamentary Enquiry from multiple stakeholders.

    In NSW they had a trial in the CBD aimed at proving the concept.


    In Victoria in 2012 the Parliamentary Inquiry into motorcycle safety 2012 report recommendation 59 is to define and legalize the practice of filtering.


    VACC and FCAI also endorse the proposal


    The Whole of Government response to the Parliamentary Inquiry was lodged in June:


    Regarding Recommendation 59:

    This recommendation is supported in principle
    Since the evidence was provided to the Committee on the issues associated with lane filtering, VicRoads has reviewed the risks and benefits of filtering, seeking input from a range of stakeholders. Issues raised included the impracticality of effective enforcement and avoiding the risk of unsafe lane splitting. Based on the advice from stakeholders, the Victorian Government believes that measures to improve mutual respect and awareness between motorcycle riders and drivers would be more beneficial than seeking to change the road rules.
    It is noted that amendments to the road rules had previously been considered by the National Transport Commission and a decision was made not to amend the road rules.
    VicRoads will develop an awareness campaign aimed at all road users, about safe sharing of the road with motorcyclists, particularly in congested environments. The research undertaken in recommendation 19 may facilitate developing this campaign. VicRoads will also consider the issue when developing the pre-learner training curriculum.

    So at the moment, if you do it in an unsafe manner, you will still be up for multiple offenses all at the discretion of police.

    But the wheels are in motion...
  15. Thanks for the reading material.... shall browse and catch up
  16. Why does everyone say it is illegal, it can be done in a way that is legal. It can be done in a way that is illegal. Saying that it is illegal is foolish.

    Because it can be done in a way that is legal then a safety campaign is obviously necessary.
  17. It's legal if done on the left and at slow speed yes?
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    Typically on the right, using signals, at a safe distance. But refer to the Australian road rules.

    There is definitely no rule banning it. I have seen cars lane split (have let them myself).

    Just because something is illegal doesn't mean much, lots of things that used to be legal are now illegal and vice versa.
  19. Thanks i've been trying to actually find out how to make it legal as possible. Most sites seem to say it is now legal to pass on the left if safe to do so?
    So it has always been legal to do it on the right of the car at slow speed? and you must single when doing so?
  20. Read up on ARR 140, 141, 142