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Victoria is about to kick off a 3 year motorcycle crash study... anyone know anything about it?

Discussion in 'Research, Studies, and Data' at netrider.net.au started by robsalvv, Oct 31, 2011.

  1. I stumbled upon the following job ad accidentally - a research nurse for a motorcycle safety study: http://jobs.theconversation.edu.au/jobs/226-research-nurse which lead me to a job ad for a Motorcycle Safety Technical field officer: http://jobs.monash.edu.au/jobDetails.asp?sJobIDs=498745&lCategoryID=637%2C+639%2C+638&lWorkTypeID=&lLocationID=&stp=AW&sLanguage=en
    The ads says:
    The study is funded by the Australian Research Council in partnership with VicRoads, the Transport Accident Commission (TAC), Victoria Police, the Department of Justice, and the Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce (VACC). The study, Managing Increasing Challenges in Motorcycle Safety (MICIMS), involves recruiting injured motorcycle riders through hospitals across Victoria. Information for the study will be collected using a structured questionnaire about the injured rider, their motorcycle, the trip and the circumstances of the crash."

    This study could be a good thing - but were any motorcyclists involved in the design of the study?? Does anyone have any info on this study?

    Interestingly, you don't need to be a rider for either of these roles. The job ads close 20th Nov... could be a good opportunity for a smart rider to get in and influence the study. Money seems ok....

    But anyway, this isn't about advertising the jobs, but more about wanting to know more about this study. I've not heard nary a whisper about it and that has me concerned. We all know how well MUARC twists and ruins decent motorcycle research.

  2. Just came across another job ad related to this study: Motorcycle safety inspection officer. http://mycareer.com.au/jobs/clayton...7224+motocycle+safety+inspection+officer.aspx

    WTF are all these people required for if it's a post crash convalescence survey???

    (The format highlight is my addition... couldn't help but notice the requirement)
  3. http://www.monash.edu.au/researchoffice/bulletin/article.php?ed=2010-10-25&article=2

    Awesome (not) it includes Dr Symmons, the one that brought you the antimotorcycling countermeasures paper cheffie highlighted recently. Guess what this study is going to do for motorcycling? :roll:

    Peter Bellion is a recognised and awarded VicPol Crash investigator... so this study could be part of the Motorcycle Accident Indepth Study I have heard about... which I'm already aware of having some design flaws... I don't think they're using OECD crash study principals and won't be looking at crash sites like motorcyclists...

    This is going to be bad.
  4. Could be just that they want you to cart a carload of shit around for the job.

    Surely though, they have enough crash data from motorcycle accidents already what are they going to get from this (unless they're going to get someone to see how many riders they can mow down in 3 years)?

    "x% of motorcycles involved in accidents did not comply with ADRs after the fact"

    ugh you guys have it so bad
  5. Rob you should apply just so you can have a go at them about their criteria not including being a motorcyclist in the interview. Just make up your qualifications you can even apply under a fake name. Just buy a $2 sim and send it to voicemail to get the call.

  6. Given that motorcycle safety has been steadily improving in real terms for some years I feel that the title of the study suggests that it is based on a flawed premise. If crash/fatality rates are decreasing, why are the challenges increasing?

    Given the bodies involved, I expect a fishing expedition for grounds to introduce (a) Euro style anti-tamper legislation and (b) compulsory protective clothing.

    Cynic I may be but I've never been wrong solely as a result of my cynicism.
  7. Beat me by a copy & paste, Pat!
    I don't get the title either - bikes and riding gear are only getting safer and we all do mandatory training these days, so where are these "increasing challenges" the title suggests?
    Declining levels of skill in those who SMIDSY the fuck out of us, perhaps?

    And another thing: if Rob hadn't heard of it, I doubt any actual motorcyclist has been involved; so who decided the challenges were increasing, and how?
  8. We have our challenges in Motorcycling safety that's for sure. Like who do we have that could fill this role adequately for instance.
  9. Well by the looks of the pay grade there going to be getting bottom of the barrel people that cant be employed by insurance companies.

    And its on contract.
  10. well its better then my wages might apply lol
  11. it's rather telling that the requirements for the inspection officer role don't state anything about experience in crash determination, accident analysis, or any other skill that might actually be of any use at all. All you have to do is itemise all the data, take some photos and conclude that riding a bike is obviously too dangerous to be allowed.
  12. I know, what a bunch of fart heads. Yet to be confirmed but they've just won themselves 8.1 million dollars in funding too. Wankers.
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    • No car allowence or company car in package(Company car adds value to package) and inlcudes your 9% Super as your package. Make your taxable income around 56K based on 62K package.
    • If the accident is in country VIC you will be away form your family as well.
  13. mate I get 52k and thats inclusive of super!! so 56 sounds great to me!!
    so if you hear of a role anywhere let me know :)
  14. Well maybe you should apply? At least you will be on our side of the fence (y)
  15. might just try it lol
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  16. This bullshit study they are on about, already has an outcome. It's just that the source information hasn't been acquired yet. Thus the study.
    The study will provide numbers and facts which they will choose to fit with pre-planned outcome. Ya can't beat the bastards!
  17. You guys are so cynical.. I can understand why, but if you're going to be fighting an 'enemy' as persistent as we are, the cynicism can't be helping.

    How about trying to get involved in the study? It's obviously still at or near the inception phase. It might not be too late to get them to consider asking some additional questions.

    In theory, the great thing about scientific research is that it means little until it's been validated by at least a few other researchers/teams. If you think they're drawing the wrong conclusions from the data that they collect, request the raw data and re-analyse it yourself. If you think they're asking the wrong questions, do your own study and ask the right questions (or ask them to include more sensible questions?), or write a paper/blog/post here/jump on a podium at city square, and tell the world how incompetent (or paid-off) they were as researchers.

    From what I've seen so far, motorcyclists, more specifically netriders, seem to be a reasonably educated lot. There are plenty of people here with engineering degrees etc, and I'm sure more than a few of us should be capable of understanding and critiquing the sort of statistics and methodology used in these papers.

    It's a real shame to just sit by on the sideline and complain about all the biased and foregone conclusions being arrived at, without at least trying to do something proactive about it. It's even more of a shame when people do nothing because their cynicism convinces them from the outset that nothing can be done. :(
  18. Great post
  19. And prey tell...how would you propose that someone get involved...and i presume this 'someone' isn't going to be YOU? Maybe VC will beat you to it. :)

    And have no fear...when something comes along, where MY input will make a difference, don't get between me and the sign-in desk, lest you be trampled into the carpet.
    In the meantime, there aren't too many of our small netrider sampling that would be willing to give up their current job, to apply for a limited 3 yr position with these boffins.

    Concurrently...gathering information for these people does NOT give you a say in how this data is to be used and why. You are merely a drone in the larger scheme.
    Stick around for a bit longer and you'll see why I'm cynical.