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Victoria C511 - Marysville to Woods Point to Mansfield - Sealed?

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by FXSTD.AU, Feb 5, 2015.

  1. Would anyone be ale to tell me if the route from Marysville to Woods Point to Mansfield travelling along C511 is sealed? I believe parts of it remain unsealed (though are likely graded and reasonably maintained). I'd love to know which bits are sealed and which are not.
    Marysville to Cambarville?
    Cambarville to Woods Point?
    Woods Point to Kevington?
    Kevington to Jamieson?
    Jamieson to Mansfield?

  2. Hmm, 7 posts in 7 years, must be close to a record.

    Jamieson to Mansfield? Sealed. (That's it from me)
  3. Marysville to Cambarville Yes
    Cambarville to Woods Point No mainly, one stretch of sealed section in the middle that reputedly was an Army exercise, dirt at both ends. First section has some ripper potholes to look out for.
    Woods Point is Sealed in the town.
    Woods Point to Kevington No
    Kevington to Jamieson Yes

    It is a spectacular run though.



    Post more often. I am sure you have things to say ;)
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  4. This bloke did a ride to woods point, gives you an idea...some years ago though...

  5. Is Cambarville the junction at the top of Reefton Spur where most bikers stop? The T intersection?
    If so it turns to grey gravel only after 1km past this intersection heading to Woods Point. I had a look myself only 2 weeks ago.

    Where is this?
  6. That is just before Matlock. Dirt either end and that beautiful piece of sealed road in the middle. The story goes it was an exercise for the army engineers. Pity they didn't continue it all the way.
  7. Looks amazing
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    Yes, also known as Cumberland Junction.

    That's it! :finger:

    Beautiful piece of road to drive/ride, pity it isn't longer. And the version of the story I heard was that it was originally sealed in preparation for the tour of Qeen Elizabeth II in 1954 and visited the area. Might be a furphy, I don't know.

    Edit: Corrected to 1954, not late 1950's
    Edited again; could be 1960's, she visited again in 1963
  9. I generally ride this route once a year. Do I want it sealed.... never :D, as this is my sneeky way down to PI.

    Mansfield to Kevo is sealed.
    Kevington to Woods point is gravel.
    Woodspoint to Matlock... skatey gravel.
    Matlock to Cambaville... dirt.

    I wouldn't ride it on a road bike, or with road tyres... but Im sure some do it, but it would be a slow trip.

    Consider the Eildon-Jamieson road, this is sealed and will get you roughly into the same area.
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