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Victoria Beckham in America . . what a crock of sh1t !

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Mickyb V9, Jul 17, 2007.

  1. Man there is so much garbage on TV !

    This one takes the cake !

    She is a total retard !
    And she needs to order a Double Bacon Deluxe Burger with the lot ! :LOL:
  2. twice!
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  4. I watched a few bits in the ad breaks of Jordon.

    Loved the bit where she's trying to buy something special for Becks and is whinging about hwo the paparazzi follow her every shop she goes to, so she's got to come up with a plan... Cut to Posh in a sex shop, HOW THE HELL DID SHE GET THERE WITHOUT THE PAPARAZZI FOLLOWING HER?????

    +1 Mickey, what a crock of shit.
  5. If it's so bad.....

    1. Why did you look at it?

    2. Why did you post about it?

    If TV Shows are bad they are best leaft alone so the ratings kill them.
  6. :LOL: oh man you guys actaully watched that.
  7. certainly not!! had other more interesting stuff to watch..like bike races
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  9. mate...that pic is crap.

    she's a scrawny stick with a bobble head.
  10. This is way more interesting....

  11. Let me be the odd one out here and say that I thought it was great. I a spewing it's not going on.

    I thought she was funny as. Sure she is rich and she knows it, but she was able to take the p!ss outta herself. I thought it was hilarious.
  12. We were channel surfing as I think the show we were watching had finished (damn, cant even remember what I watched last night) and we saw how she had everything organised and was waiting for Davey and hte boys to come over. However, she would like to arrive as a family and flew home to come back with them.

    When they showed them at the airport, the kids were nowhere to be seen. It was only her and Davey rushing through the Papparazziiiiiii.

    So much for arriving as a family.
  13. If a dim tart can make millions out of being skinny and dumb, I think its stupid to take the p1ss.

    She is loaded, we are not.

    We would like to be loaded, she would like to be normal. Money cant buy you enough.
    Im rich with character and knowlege , I dont need money.
  14. Shutup Stookie, you've got a cool accent. What have the rest of us got??? huh???
  15. Hahaha Ktulu....
  16. I strongly suspect sentiments of the 'money can't buy happiness' variety are just lies perpetrated by the rich in order to keep us plebs from rioting. Ringo Starr, who tended to tell it like it is, once said:
    "I've been rich and I've been poor. Believe me, being rich is better."
  17. It was shit, but strangely enough I thought she didn't seem as stupid as I'd expected.
  18. Regardless of her mental ability, I'd still throw a length in. I always had a thing for Posh spice.

    I think she was playing up the 'dumb blonde' card for the show, and I do think she is smarter then what she is letting on. But who really cares.
  19. I actually think she was taking the piss out of herself the paparaazzi and the LA crowd.
    Did you guys see the scene where she was yacking to so called socialites who all seemed like they went to the same Dr Frankenstein plastic surgeon.
    To me that was the ultimate pisstake and it was interesting to hear her say she felt uncomfortable about them talking about money so openly.
    Yes the show was self indulgent but I'm of the opinion that she deliberately made it that way to highlight the absurdity of her situation and in essence it was a very clever show.
    It's a pity the critics couldn't see through that.
  20. Um you know like ive got a life.....