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Vic's Winning Tip

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jdkarmch, May 13, 2008.

  1. Have a look at the TAC's rider web site. They have posted video interviews with all the winners of their Moto GP competition.

    Netrider's Vic was one of the winners. You can view his tip Here

    You can view all the rest here. :grin:

  2. geez, you could of put a warning up saying.....they are going to show his vic's :shock: :LOL: ............

    also see rosie made it in there too......now thats a lot better on the eyes :wink:

    congrats guys :)
  3. WOW !
    Well Done Guys, we now have a couple of local celebs in the ranks.

    ..as if Vic's head isnt already big enough, they gotta do this :roll:

  4. Handy tips, well done Vic and Rosie :grin: Although, I think you were ripped time-wise, Rosie...15 seconds, pfffft :p
  5. Oh damn! I was hoping they'd forgotten about it!

    Vic (and Undii) know why mine only got 15 seconds - has to do with a camera shy girl who kept forgetting her lines... they ended up cutting it really short, told me to say the basics of my winning tip and that'd be enough..haha.
  6. I know how that feels...and im going to have to do 3 x 15 minute stints up on stage for this up and coming home show this weekend.......im already freaking out
  7. Shoulda just smiled, Rosie! and let one of the 15 guys who immediately volunteered to help, assist with answering the question... carrying your gear... helping you try on helmets... defending your honour...
  8. Ever noticed Adam Spencer looks like Vic? Sounds like him too. I smell a rat...
  9. That's just your breath blowing back into your face :p
  10. +1
  11. Who's that ugly farker who gabbed on about looking ahead?
  12. Mmmmm. Vic seems suspiciously lucid.

    Very good, really. You can hardly see the blokes hand up Vic's arse moving his mouth.
  13. Oops, congrat's to Undii too :grin: I missed his tip the first time round...is there anyone else hiding in that list?

  14. The ugly farker who gabbed on about looking ahead.

    :-w :angel: :wink:
  15. Hmmm....who is that mystery man :?: :grin:
  16. John Rigoni is part owner of Metro Honda/Ducati and is a user of these forums.
  17. Hey Smee, you reminded me of that kid on the HBA ad :rofl:
    crocodile came up......my legs went that way and my head went that way :rofl:

    So we got Vic, Rosie and Smee, any other stars amongst us?
  18. Undii :grin:
  19. I bought my bike off him, good bloke, looked after me a lot