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VIC Vic's top cop concerned by Brotherhood

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by evelknievel75, Mar 2, 2011.

  1. http://news.smh.com.au/breaking-news-national/vics-top-cop-concerned-by-brotherhood-20110302-1bdw4.html

    "Victoria's police chief Simon Overland says he has deep concerns about a group of men called The Brotherhood holding secret meetings in Melbourne.
    Mr Overland says in an ombudsman's report on The Brotherhood, released on Wednesday, that the group, which is said to include former and serving police officers, could undermine public confidence."

    shock horror! didn't simon "shrek" overland get an invite? If Vic had embraced the anti bikie laws ( thank god they didn't ), you could have used those laws to prosecute these ex/serving police for "associating" with others....lol

    what the hell is happening in Vic?
  2. Police in victoria have lost the plot because the brotherhood of TENIX GATSO MUARC and TAC have their fingers in the pie controlling policing in order to further their bottm line.
    To top it off corrupt manipulation of crime stats let alone accident stats as well.
    We need the upper echelons of Vicpol and the bureaucrats all removed and start again so that we have some confidence restored.
  3. Been telling you all along that there's rot at the top here. Anything that has Police Association fingerprints on it you better beware of. I'm frankly amazed this has made it to the papers at all. And surprise surprise, look which prominent media figure is up to his neck in it? How's it goin', Neil?

    Smee is right - this Brotherhood isn't the only secret cabal using the police force to run their agenda. May they eat each other.
  4. It's the adjustment bureau.
  5. Interesting that the Secretary of the Police Association compared the Brotherhood to the RSL on the 3AW Breakfast show this morning.
  6. Just listened to that segment pvda. John Burns said that he'd been to about a dozen of these lunches at the invitation of a friend. He claims that he wasn't aware of any "brotherhood" and that nothing that was discussed was in any way secret, conspiritorial or otherwise.

    But then, it might be like the RACV. There's the club for us, then there's the club for those that aren't us...
  7. You know, this guy truly scares me.
    He is either:
    (a) Totally naive / stupid / unfit to lead; or
    (b) manipulative and lying / unfit to lead...

    ANY top level / senior businessman, lawyer, politician, etc belongs to one (or more) club, association, or loose affiliation of people who get together over a meal or drinks regularly. And guess what..... shock horror, they talk, network, swap information etc.....

    Examples would be: Masons, Lyons club, Naval and Military Club, Press Club...etc
    Sometimes, that information may "exceed the boundaries" of what is proper / legal. But the process (of swapping information) will continue for ever.

    He (overland) KNOWS that highlighting this "club" is an exercise in pure B/S and if he doesn't he should.

    Rant Over.
  8. And most significantly, the Freemasons...
  9. BS. Freemasonry is no longer the society of choice of senior police: we wouldn't allow most of them to join!

    Re Jon's "Brotherhood", a little background. Jon M was a Senior Connie running the permits/liaison part of VicPol, arranging filming permits for anything from a low budget promo to a full on feature. He saw a better opportunity to do the same outside, and set up MonJon initially for filming permits, concentrating on road closures and associated permits. Very successfully he developed 'rolling roadblocks' using his cars and a VicPol traffic car or two to hold up traffic and allow the hero car to pull ahead into free roadspace, thus avoiding the previous procedure of completely closing a road for an hour or more while filming. I would regularly shoot aerials with him holding back traffic across the Bolte, etc, and it saved everyone time, money and aggravation.

    A few years ago VicPol decreed that only they could do such a thing (rolling roadblocks), but MonJon was also well set up as a Security company, so whilst a loss, it wasn't the dreadful hit on Jon that Overland and his cronies hoped for. This latest cr@p about the Brotherhood is just an extension of the inbred hatred that VicPol management has for any ex who gets out and makes good. Especially when current members are involved......
  10. I've seen a rolling roadblock in action, unbelievably effective and awesome and so quick!
  11. lol hollywood