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VicRoads, Vic Police & Segways

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Gromit, Jan 11, 2006.

  1. Ah Vic Roads the bastion of sense and sensibility.
  2. What's a "Segway" ?

    Oooooohhhhhhhh, you mean "Segue" ........ now I see

  3. Scruby and his stupid mate think Segways are death machines or something



    "In any event, they are extremely dangerous. If they were to hit a child or an elderly person, they could inflict serious injuries, if not death. They cause havoc for people with disabilities, especially the vision impaired, because they are silent and can't be heard approaching."

  4. ahhh I see the Vic Police chariot is the Segway to which you are referring........
  5. Yeah!!! OMG what a stupid letter... by far the most awe-inspiring piece of "reaching" I have ever seen!
  6. No offence but from what i have seen of some of the police officers they need all the exercise they can get.
    Really they where released as a toy for the rich and famous not as a serious mode of travel.

    That aside i really see no high risk in allowing them to be ridden on city footpaths, expecially by the police force.
  7. Well they are just as dangerous as the grannys driving their electric "chairs" on the footpath.

    I've always wondered how you'd ever get any money out of a pensioner who bowls you over on the footpath and causes an injury. Maybe they need a Rego category to cover things like bicycles, pensioner/wheel chairs & Segways so the user can pay a TAC premium to cover injury they can cause if they hit someone. The parents of a kid around the corner from me spent several years paying for the medical costs of a kid that their kid bowled over riding an unregistered trail bike on the footpath.
  8. I wonder how long it will take until these replace the postie bike? :LOL:
  9. i like the vic police argurement....... they are legal in states in the u.s. so why can't they change the rules over here to be the same.......

    WHAT ABOUT LANE SPLITTING you farking idiots, that too is legal over there in some states!!! :evil:
  10. :LOL: :LOL:

    Too bad for those lazy pigs eh! They'll have to keep using their pushbikes. :p

    Those devices are groovy nevertheless. I've seen em on TV B4.
    I'd luv to have one myself.
  11. my father had the chance to have a play on one last year at the a expo over in the u.s. he opinion was they great fun
  12. I bet. They look like gr8 fun!
  13. Fitted with lights and siren but with a top speed of 12.5mph (any fit person can run faster than that). Can just picture an overweight cops pursuit of a suspect being foiled - by a staircase :LOL:
  14. Irony, all of the excuses that authorities have used to ban; skateboarding, rollerblading, ...etc, on footpaths,
    are now being used on them. :LOL:
    You can't have it both ways, guys! :p

    Personally i'd love to ride around monkey bikes,
    however since some users can't control themselves, there is a blanket ban,
    what can you do other than accept it!?

    When they are eventually allowed,
    i'd like to see laws introduced to ban the act of Lane Filtering Lines of Stationary Pedestrians. :wink: :p :LOL:
  15. Personally I reckon Segways are about as dorky as it gets. Just like walking, except you get no exercise, look like a tool and you have to park the bugger somewhere.

    Honestly, I can't see the segway patrol getting much respect. I have enough trouble controlling my laughter when the pushbike coppers wobble by.
  16. Of all the people in the general media, Scruby would have to have the greatest disparity between the media coverage he actually receives and the amount of coverage he deserves. He gets way too much air/radio/print time for the extremist rubbish he sprouts. Some girls on Segways advertising a bank constituting "anti-social" behaviour? Please!
  17. Hahaha .. except for the part about looking like a tool (and even that is arguable by many people) ... everything else you said could be applied to riding a motorbike too :grin:
  18. Gimme a mtb bike or bmx any day, stairs are no probs on either. Oh, yeah, max speed of your fitness 40km/hr +