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Vicroads- They love to go by the book.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Seany, Jan 6, 2006.

  1. I recieved a letter from Vicroads recently stating that there was money outstanding on my motorcycle. The letter stated how much had been paid for the bike, transfer fee and stamp duty. Then in the "amount owing" section it had 3 question marks without reference to what they were for. :?

    The letter went on to explain that unless I provided Vicroads with 3 qustion marks (similar to these "???") I would be sued.

    :-k Now I figured, it's possible that in fact money was owed and that the person who typed the letter simply didn't know where to find those numbers on the keyboard, so I decided to go down there in person and find out. Lets face it, if it's worth 20c for paper, 20c for ink, 50c+for prepaid postage, as well as man hours taken to produce the letter and possible cout action, it must be a reasonable amount.

    It turns out that the dealer had miscalculated the stamp duty on the bike and still owed (wait for it) 10c! :roll: That's right, less than the cost of the letter. Net gain to Vicroads aproximated -90c. Less also than the cost of the petrol I used getting there. :mad:

    Even the girl that served me said it was the most stupid thing she had ever seen Vicroads do. :LOL:
  2. Bwahahaha .. love it. ID 10 T government bueacrats :)
  3. what dickheads.
    thats the way with these non human generated computer systems , they cant stop these thing spitting out mail until all transactions are completed and closed.
    what a joke.
  4. You shouldn't have paid, would have loved to have seen the court summons for "failing to pay ???" :LOL:
  5. "But Your Honour, Vicroads clearly already had the question marks, proven by the fact that they were able to include them on the letter of demand. I am willing however, to draw 3 brand new question marks and give them to Vicroads if they supply the pen and paper on the condition they then drop the matter." :LOL: :LOL:
  6. You should have waited for the soon to follow letters of demand! I hope you paid by EFTPOS or credit card, since there is a charge to VicRoads for that too! Maybe you should have waited for the lawyers letter...

    I love government!
  7. No. Most of my day has involved ridding myself of 5c pieces. I saw an opportunity to lose two of them and I took it.
  8. Classic. Gotta love automated systems with no human oversight. mate of mine has a letter from satanlink saying he owes them 1 cent. He framed it :grin:
  9. A mate of mine when at uni used to get 45c added to his account every fortnight from aus study.

    He used to get more, then his circumstances changed, and rather than cancel it, just paid him the 45 c every fortnight.

    He said 45 cents was better than nothing, so never cancelled it till he finished uni.
  10. Shoulda sent 'em a cheque for "???" (in the amount section), keeping copies for your records, and waited for the inevitable legal train wreck that the idiots would get themselves into :LOL:
  11. well you know, if the enitre populous of australia owed 10C to the government... the money sure adds up!
  12. Lol, that's just silly. Just like most government stuff really...
  13. Whoaa! that nice.

    Here, I've got a few I can spare...


    Let me know if you need anymore :)
  14. Would it be great if all bike related costs could be paid in ???
  15. You've just got to love bureaucracy, haven't you?
  16. unfortunately, that same beauracracy means that if you ignore it and 'save them the 80cents', they will hound you until you die, ruin your credit rating and eventually either send you to gaol or have it taken out of your wages with interest and fees.
  17. Hahaha, oh man, 'satanlink' thats a good one. Typical bureaucratic bs. I've spoken to VicRoads on 3 seperate occasions about an engine conversion in my car to hear 3 different answers. It's a mess.
  18. Where as if it was bracksy and his mates owing you the money, it would take a few years and a testicle to get the money from those money hungry pigs.

    P.S. dont dob me into a terrorist site, i dont have anything against our state government, except all the crap they keep saying.
  19. By the time it got to court though it might have been hundreds of dollars in expenses and debt collection services.