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VicRoads registration requirements

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by Fitty, Jun 2, 2011.

  1. I made an enquiry to VicRoads about a project bike I'm playing with at the moment. They emailed me this document, which is a summary of registration requirements for motorcycles. Thought it might come in handy as a reference document, so have at it.

  2. Good work Fitty, Looks like a victorian version of the ADR's I did find one or two discrepancies. In relation to Headlamps. I was sure that I read in the ADR's that you dont HAVE to have a high beam, but if one is fitted you must have a dipping device...in fact, in my document :

    Every motorcycle manufactured after 1934, that can travel at a speed above 60km/h must be fitted
    with a dipping device enabling the driver in the normal driving position to:
    • change the headlights from the high-beam position to the low-beam position; or
    • switch off a high-beam headlight and switch on a low-beam headlight.
    Motorcycles manufactured after June 1953 must be fitted with a device that indicates to the driver that
    the headlights are in the high-beam position.
    If no dipping device is fitted, only a low beam headlamp must operate."

    In Vicroads :

    "motorcycles manufactured after 1934 that are capable of a maximum speed of 60km/h MUST HAVE headlamps providing both dipped and un-dipped beams and MUST be fitted with a dipping device"

    Since my bike was built in 1983, I did not fit a dipping device to my headlamp, only one beam. Looks like I may have to change this.....oh bother.
  3. Another thing thats got me stumped...

    The mudguard rule is really irritating me....

    "A mudguard which effectively prevents objects being thrown up and to the rear must be fitted to each wheel"

    This leaves alot of room for interpretation.
    My rear wheel doesn't currently hav ea mudguard, and I was going to fit a mudguard just over th rear wheel....I know when I got my R6 road worthied they failed it because the tyre hugger is not sufficient as a rear fender. Common sense should surely prevail, but could they at elast say "50% of the wheel must be covered" or something like that...Clarification would be great from those who know best....
  4. The Oz ADR's have a better mudguard description.
  5. The mudguard requirement is essentially that the rear guard extend to a point behind the bike at a 45 degree angle from the rear axle, with a 45kg weight on the bike.
  6. Wondering if something like this would suffice.....obviously its attached to the rear swingarm, so it moves with the tyre...

  7. I think that would definitely come within the requirements. I'm not a massive fan, but you could probably knock up something that looks a bit better.
  8. Its just to pass roadworthy/rego....Then its coming off!