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VIC Vicroads ordered to review speed limits

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by titus, Aug 30, 2011.

  1. Can't find a link, but I just heard a news item with Transport Minister Terry Mulder announcing that Vicroads has been directed to conduct a statewide review of speed limits.

    Now, if you're a tinfoil head like me you're first thought would be that this must be a ruse to cut them even more. But listening very carefully to the words he used, it actually does sound like they want to win votes rather than reap cash this time.
    Quoting from memory:

    ".. Vicroads follows national guidelines, but some of the problems may be coming from these national guidelines..."

    "... drivers have expressed frustration with complex and unclear speed zones..."

    "... for the first time, the community will get a real chance give their input.."

    Remember that this is the government directing Vicroads to conduct a review in response to community feedback, not Vicroads acting off it's own bat.

    Expect Vicroads and TAC to fight back, but now is the chance, if ever there is to be one, to get in and influence the outcomes. They are after votes this time, so don't let the beige army hijack it. At the very least I would expect a thousand submissions about the Reefton limit (SRAL to the front of the queue, please ;) )
  2. Maybe we can finally get rid of the ridiculous 80km/h for most of citylink.

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  3. Show me an example where any speed limit review in Victoria has had a positive result.
  4. There is one road near me that has 9 limit changes in under 6 kilometers which can vary from the time of day you are on it.
  5. Maybe, but if we don't try it won't happen.

    Back in the 80s, the freeway speed limit was dropped from 110 to 100 in response to one accident. About a year later it was restored to 110 after a 'review' was ordered.
  6. found 3 articles on this (ninemsn, heraldsun and abc) but none of them tell you how to make your submission, only that submissions will be allowed. Vicroads are due to report back to the guvment late this year so there will only be a small window to get your submissions in.
  7. I've had the benefit of using my Tardis to go into the future and ascertain the outcome of this review. It found that most speed limits were appropriate to the conditions, taking into account traffic density, accident rates, the likelihood of little Jimmy running onto the highway to fetch his ball, and the number of kittens killed during the average TNMR.

    However, some speed limits, specifically all those in metro Melbourne, will be revised downwards because MUARC said it would be a good idea, and that as far as the TAC is concerned is an end unto itself.
  8. Any chance you could tell me what this Thursdays powerball numbers are? I think it's a $21,000,000 jackpot this week.
  9. I understand your cynicism. I really do. TAC an MUARC will get stuck into this as if their lives depend on it - because it will. But big Ted and Terry Mulder need votes if they are to survive the next election, and they want to know what the electorate wants. I think they will direct Vicroads to go whichever way gets the most votes.

    The beige army will also have a go - do we want to leave it to them?
  10. Unfortunately if you look at the 'terms of reference' on the VicRoads site, nowhere does it mentions they are taking submissions related to the appropriateness of current speed limits (on their own, without another factor). The only way to incorporate that topic seems to be in the context of other factors, e.g. School zones or consistency of limits.

  11. It'd be nice if something could be done about the bullshit wherein if you get a ticket for 117 in a 110 it's treated as 117 in a 100…
  12. Titus, good point, where a public forum is established we must oppose the beige.

    That was legislated by the Victorian parliament, VicRoads is unable to change that. I agree it's BS.
  13. I've plastered this all over facebook in all the relevant groups I could find. Let's use the power of social media to get the voices heard!
  14. Just made my submission.

    Hopefully this all works in our favour rather than VicRoads deciding to lower speed limits across the board.
  15. Good opportunity to change the speed limit of most part of the Citylink, mainly on the Monash. As you exit Burnley Tunnel, it should increase to 100km/hr and it also should be 100km/hr before you get to the Domain Tunnel. I am happy staying at 80km/hr in either direction between the Westgate and the tunnels.

    Also the Princes Freeway heading to and from Geelong should be 110km/hr (if not more, but that will never happen). I mean 4 lanes wide with far right lane a "No Truck" lane is as big, if not bigger, than a German Autobahn. This also means speed cameras need to be removed and recalibrated...which will cost them money so that is most likely a no too.
  16. Unfortunately, as I suspected:

  17. have you learned NOTHING from Back to the Future II??!! If I go giving you those numbers, the entire space time continuum will be altered. Next thing you know, England will be the number 1 test cricket team, Australia will have a Ranga in charge (Female no less), the world will be run by the beige and Melbourne Storm will be stripped of all their premierships.... oh wait... NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!
  18. Agreed it should be at least 110km/h but I'd bet there argument is that it is such a long stretch of straight road and people will fall asleep and crashing at a higher speed is more dangerous.](*,)
    The cameras wouldn't need to be removed but the cost of recalibration should be covered by say lunchtime.

    Off topic but why do so many cages now drive only in the middle lane on this Fwy?
  19. Yes, looks like it's closed loop, but f$%* 'em, submit what you want. Bend the 'consistency' clause any way you like. Even if it is a phoney consultancy exercise, you can still let the government know where your vote lies.