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Vicroads Officers Authorised to Book Motorists

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by mjt57, Jun 10, 2010.

  1. On the news today there have been reports that Vicroads officers will be out in force to assist Victoria Police members to try and curb the road toll over the QB holiday weekend.

    Many people have expressed surprise that Vicroads officers can book people. But the fact is, they've had this authority since the 1980s. Their focus has been on freight transport but they're saying that the public needs to be aware that anyone caught speeding or whatever will be pulled over by these people.

    So, if a white and green car with magenta (purple) flashing lights suddenly appears in the mirrors, then treat them the same as a copper (not only with disdain)...
  2. well I am colour blind so those colours dont work for me -- should I be in victoria i will ignore them if they try to pull me over
  3. Like anybody would pull over.
  4. They've been booking trucks for years so it was only a matter of time before they were given the green light to pull over the remaining motorists.
  5. Out of curiosity, what do these VicRoads guys drive?
  6. 4 wheel drive territory type vehicles plasted with VicRoads and pretty pink flashers on the top...

    Here's a vicroads sedan...

    Attached Files:

  7. And people on motorcycles are really considering stopping for a Ford Territory? :rofl:
  8. TSO anyone?
  9. They are quite pretty aren't they.


  10. Apart from the Territorys they also have falcon and commodores some of which are V8's. Many years ago I had an ex VicRoads VS commodore V8. If your buying a second hand car and the previous owner is AH Plant, that is VicRoads.

    Cars aside I wonder what they are going to do if a traffic stop goes bad. Police have pepper spray, batons, guns and can handle anything, what's a VicRoads officer going to do. Sure they have been stopping trucks for years but a lot more sickos drive cars.

    Pursuits, well lets not even go there.
  11. [​IMG]
  12. Get a grip, man. They're only out there to collect money, after all.
  13. Yes, but what if they try and collect it from the wrong person.
  14. You won't know about it till you get it in the mail.

    Nobody seriously thinks this about safety, do they?
  15. We too have the Road Transport Compliance Unit in WA, along with the vehicle inspection boys. If the VicRoads guys have similar powers, any bookings will be confined to vehicle loading and roadworthiness issues. I very much doubt if they'll be nicking anyone for road rules breaches 'cos they will have neither the equipment nor the training.

    What occasionally happens here (although I haven't heard of one for a while) is a combined Police and Transport Inspectors operation similar to a booze bus but looking for unroadworthy, unlicensed or illegally modified vehicles.
  16. That's different then. Going to make the Courts even busier though.
  17. VicRoads to issue fines during holiday road blitz

    Motorists flouting the road rules this long weekend won't only have police to contend with.

    For the first time, VicRoads officers also will be booking drivers in a bid to halt the state's soaring road toll, which rose to 144 yesterday with the deaths of three men in a truck smash.

    Nine VicRoads vehicles will join police patrolling the state's roads for Operation Aegis VIII, a four-day road blitz that is being rolled out from midnight tonight.

    A VicRoads spokeswoman said the organisation's transport safety services officers had been able to fine offending motorists since 1983 under the Transport Act.

    However, their focus until now had largely been on enforcing freight regulations.

    This weekend, at the request of police, those officers would also fine regular motorists for a series of offences, including speeding...

    original article...

    They probably need the money!
  18. I don't see how they are going to enforce speeding offences, they don't have access to Prescribed speed measuring devices (lasers/radars), if they did they would have to have done courses on them and wouldn't be recognised as experts that are able to detect speed by observation. For mobile phone, seatbelt offences etc then let them go for it the more distracted drivers are off the road the better for all of us.