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VIC Vicroads Numberplate Replacement

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Funkmonkey, Oct 26, 2011.

  1. Hi all,

    So i have just been on the Vicroads website, for what should be a pretty simple thing. Replacing 1 single damaged numberplate. Now vicroads being vicroads, first problem was refusing to load unless i run Intershit Explorer. That should have been a warning.
    2nd problem..... You go to click on order new numberplate. Nowhere on that page does it mention motorcycle plate.
    3rd problem..... try clicking on standard issue plates and see what happens.
    It will first tell you that you are trying to order gold and black plates and to go back and select that.... for $495.
    If you try it again it will tell you that you are now trying to order Super 15 plates.... also for $495.
    If you go back and put in your EXACT number plate details without a space, the system just cracks a fat and wont let you do anything.
    It WILL however let you try and order any customised plate you like.... provided you pay, you guessed it, $495. WHAT THE FIRETRUCK.

    Conspiracy to squeeze more money? Stuffed up website? What do you think? Anyone else had this problem? Id rather go around with a cracked plate on the back than pay that extortionate price.

    As you were.

    The Funk.
  2. If I want a plate from VicRoads, I'd go straight there rather than order it. The website is stupid and I believe the server can't handle it. Yes waiting in line at VicRoads will be just as stupid, but at least you get your plates and probably get time off work...
  3. What work? Im at uni when theyre open lol.
    Waiting in line there is almost as bad as hanging around at centerlink.
  4. Oh you're in Altona...yeah lines are long in the west, especially for Centrelink, it's like a full time job on it's own :p. I'm in Fear Park and lucky for me, never been to Centrelink in this neck of the woods.

    Should travel to the east, they seem to be a little bit less crowded, so I have found with VicRoads.
  5. One of the guys scammed our chief instructor today by telling him the only way he could get his car rego sorted today was by going to Colac or Warrnambool. He must have been doing 200 kmh plus to get to Colac and back in an hour and a half AND see Vicroads.
  6. Ring them.
  7. Yeah will do tomorrow. Just a pain in the arse that they have a website that supposedly does that to save you time, but only lets you spend big bucks on it, and the other alternative is wait in a queue for an hour, or wait in a phone queue for an hour.
  8. "Important note: Ordering a replacement for a lost, damaged or stolen motorcycle general issue plate can only be made by visiting a VicRoads Customer Service Centre."

    Highlighted in yellow, after following the links Registration - Number Plates - Replacing Lost, Damaged, Destroyed or Stolen Plates
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  9. Cheers for that, i missed it. That would explain why there is no option there.
    Looks like ill have to pay them a visit. Looks like this thread can now be closed :p
  10. Bring an egg timer and see how long it takes from when you enter till you leave the place...

    My record was 35mins...
  11. Just put any plate on. In Victoria is doesn't matter what plate you have on just as long as you have a plate.

    p.s. - I am not liable for anyone actually paying attention to my shit.
  12. I got through the one in Carlton (had to go for a photo) in under ten minutes. This was at about 10AM on a Monday. It's got over ten desks though so it moves pretty fast.
  13. Hey Funk,
    Went through this recently with sale of a bike, got a new general issue plate - $15.60 if you visit their offices. Replacement plate = $29. Prices here. Maybe just get new general issue plate for cheaper option?
    If you get them to send it out to you, the guy on phone told me it would cost over $100, so visiting one of their offices is cheaper option.
    Heard that the Sunshine offices are ok, no long queues. But haven't been to that one yet personally.
  14. Always disappointing that in this day and age you cannot do things like this on the net. Annoys the sh!t out of me whenever it happens. In particular for a large organisation like Vic Roads.
  15. Same same for Broadie. I've never spent more than 10-15 minutes in the place, including waiting. Probably 'cos I take a book, ready for a long delay ;)
  16. Thanks all.... maybe theyve improved over the years!!! Admittedly i havent had to go in to one of their offices for quite a few years now. Ill go see em then.
  17. Was just looking that price list up.... im not sure what to make of it. I know replacement plate is only $29 but they take a couple of weeks to arrive IIRC, as they have to be made up... the interesting one is... $15.90 for a new general issue plate.. which is fair enough, but further down the list, is a charge of $105.90 for assignment of rego number?
    So the confusion is going to be whether i can walk away with a new plate for $20 or if theyre going to want me to pay $125!!!
  18. Oh for petes sake... from the Vicroads site -

    You must return the existing number plates in order for a new registration number to be issued. If your current plates have been lost or stolen you will need to provide a report from the police.
  19. I never had to take my plates in (admit idly it's for a car) I just went in and said I needed new slim line plates (from the fat ones) and they said I can get new ones right now for 40 bucks. Simple as that.
  20. heheh ... confusing isn't it.
    If you get a new general issue plate, I'm pretty sure you don't have to worry about "assignment of rego number".

    I had a custom plate on bike before I sold it, and also had the previous general issue plate. I couldn't put the old general issue plate the bike originally came with (had kept it) back on the bike to sell it, hadn't put the number on retention (didn't know you had to do that with general issue ones) but if I had , and had put that old plate back on, then I'd have been hit with the assignment fee.

    So, I just popped into VicRoads at Hoppers X, asked for and got a new general issue plate $15+ for bike, kept custom plate.

    If I want to assign this custom plate to another bike, then I'll also have to pay the $105 assignment charge to do so, they refer to this as a "modest" admin fee, lol.

    If it's lost/stolen, yep you're sposed to report that to police, imagine they wouldn't want it re-circulating on unreg bike.

    Not sure, but think maybe they destroy old ones as have been superseded by a new design.
    But if it's already broken/destroyed then that would seem to fit same objective of handing it in - unusable.
    Vaguely seem to recall from telephone conversation with them I had option of mailing old general issue one in or destroying it. (not 100% sure on this though)
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