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VICroads Motorcyclist Survey

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Slider, Aug 29, 2007.

  1. Hi all...

    I was recently asked to particpate in a motorcyclist survey by a survey mob called ultrafeedback. Apparently they have been commissioned by VIC roads to accumulate data regarding motorcycle usage and traffic flows etc.

    I have contacted the research analyst and asked if they would like more respondents. I was advised that the more surveys completed - the better to obtain a relevant sample and thus a indicative refelction of what actually goes on out there!

    Any way, if you have 5 mins. Check it out here:


    The way I see it, any feedback can only help us in our eternal struggle to be recognised as a legitimate form of transport! :grin:
  2. I did that the other day... I found it a bit useless though. Didn't felt like it gave a very good picture of me as a rider. Also felt like the categories they used were weither a bit broad of irrelevant. Still, like you said the more research done the more awareness and that can only be a good thing.
  3. They have a top banner on this site :)
  4. Look up :roll: there running it in a banner head. Vic n Jason gots ta pay the bills somehow. Know what you mean about the questions they choose. Done a few of these over the years. Since then, Ive watched rope barriers installed, speed limits lowered everywhere, fixed cameras increase 10 fold, and payed an extra 50 bucks a year levy, for the priveledge of it all :? Im just in it for the 500 bucks in prizes :dance:
  5. yep did the survey
  6. I just filled out the survey....

    TIP: If you're worried about the "closed questions", take the opportunity to fill out the blank spaces as much as possible.
  7. Results have been compiled. Rather interesting.
  8. And - for those of you who didn't complete the survey here is where you can go to view it:

    Some very interesting results - like average age......
  9. The reason for this was to get some decent exposure figures - the ones normally used that come from the Bureau of Stats and the Commonwealth Dept of Infrastructure are not good.

    On first glance there are some useful figures - the commuting percentages are higher than previous figures. This is supported by the median distance travelled. We have been arguing that commuting and kilometres travelled are higher than the "official" figures. This lends weight to our arguments.

    What roads are most used is essential knowledge for transport planning and possible future road treatments with things like advanced stop lines, and other types of trials.

    Despite the paranoia it's not about working out where to put speed cameras and the like. It is somewhat disappointing - we were expecting more from this but I believe that we will be able to get more information when we have access to the base data.

    I've been in email contact with our esteemed patron Prof Marcus Wigan over this (he's in the UK at present so I've been unable to discuss it directly)- his comments below

    it looks unadventurously simple enough for vicroads.. no statisical estimation of explosure at all really , take a look at the reports i contributed to, this is a level of sophistication way way down.. but at least it's reasonably sensible

    its frustrating to see such little atetntion paid to sample frames, and exposure estimation is a dead duck in it

    the BIG deal is the multiple mc ownership up from 10pc to 23pc (in their fgures)

    BUT there is absolutley NO cross references to the VITAl survey (ed: ?)

    No mode choice
    no trade off Sp questions (ed: ? again)

    probabaly cost vicroads 60-80k and is a seriously missed opportunity

    but. yey at least we HAVE it!


    im so tired it hard to type at all, but hey ho its off to gve an oxford seminar i go

  10. Oh yes... As someone just pointed out to me - a conclusion that can be drawn from that survey.

    You ride a motorcycle and you ride with friends.
    You ride a scooter, you ride alone... :p :LOL:
  11. yep..did the survey
    and yep..I am an average sportsbike rider :LOL:
  12. Ha ha ha, i noticed the same thing! That and you're probably only using your scooter to go to work.