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VicRoads Motorcycle Safety Research Project

Discussion in 'Research, Studies, and Data' started by Heli, Jun 21, 2013.

  1. Nice bulky envelope in today's post with an invitation to 'take part in an important motorcycle safety research project'. Hmmm.

    Now I can put up with the 32 pages of questions.

    I can (almost) accept that it is a control questionnaire from MUARC.

    But I'm more than a tad concerned that it came about because they set up cameras on the Calder northbound, got my bike, identified me as owner and want the questionnaire filled in by the rider with a claim that it is completely anonymous. But in the same breath they offer eligibility to enter a $200 monthly prize: how do you do that if you're anonymous?
  2. Are the questions loaded?
    Does sound a touch tricky, I'd say the results will be anonymous but the fact you sent them back means you are eligible for a prize.
    I'd rather do a VICroads survey any day over MUARC or TAC, but again after carefully perusing to see if the questions have a certain bias attached.
  3. I think I saw @robsalvv talking about this survey on FB the other week with a rider in the North. He seemed to support having this one filled out. Please confirm Rob
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    Why do you reckon they would they go to the trouble of using a road cam picture to select you? They have your vehicle details, address and driving history all at hand. They could choose all the riders they want with this.
    The only reasons I can think of are that the particular route is relevant in some way, or perhaps it was a way of removing selection bias.
    Somebody has to get a look at the contents for us. There's no-one better qualified to ferret out any hidden agenda than your good self. I am confident you will answer everything appropriately.
    edit: and yes, it might actually be a good'un.
  5. Yes, good riders need to spell out why they didn't crash.

    It's entirely anonymous.

    MUARC take the snap, send the plate and questionare details to VicRoads, Vicroads pumps it out to the registered owner, anonymously filled forms get sent to muarc. Only the location is coded to the questionare.

    DO IT!
  6. I didn't read the preceding posts, only responded to the post I was tagged in. Only just saw the thread continuation from heli onwards...

    Only riders who have been observed riding within the vicinity of an injurious rider crash will get asked to fill out the survey.

    These riders form the case control. These riders will be the key to determining what protective factors were at play keeping them safe compared to the rider that crashed.

    A few NR's and a wider group of stakeholders were involved in reviewing the questions over two sessions. Some real TAC like clangers got nixed.

    We are expecting a 6monthly progress report any time now.
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  7. Thanks Rob: concerns suitably assuaged ;)
  8. I wouldn't do it.
  9. So this means that only you, Heli, and the CIA, US Defense Department, and a few other secret squirrel organisations know where you were riding and when you were doing it.

    I hope you had a full face helmet on, otherwise they'd know if you were enjoying yourself or not.
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  10. This is one I would recommend you participate in. Monash went out of their way to ensure that it would be acceptable. The person in charge was brought in from outside MUARC and they deliberately sought out riders as researchers.

    The initial meeting about it was interesting. Those attending made it very clear that MUARC was on the nose with riders and asked how they were going to address this. There were a lot of people involved in the initial consultations, including people like Stuart Strickland and Rob Smith.

    They are trying to get information from those who successfully negotiate a corner where there has been an injury crash. The aim is to determine why some people crash and others don't. This involves photographs, speed recording and questionnaires to get an objective view of issues such as speed - after all if someone crashes at speed x but others go through at x+10 then it puts the lie to that as a primary cause...
  11. So my Warp Factor 6 will be a positive outcome? :beer:
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  12. The intentions may be there but history has proven none of these organisations can be trusted. How much have we suffered because of them? As said many times before they will give us a favourable result every now and then but overall they will be against us. Don't be fooled.

    They need us to remain employed. Fcuk them!

    Pro motorcycle representative organisation surveys only.
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    So Rob said this

    And Tony said this

    Hmm who to listen to. An idiot or Rob and Tony? Thanks SRA you made the choice very easy
  14. smee we shall see but the only idiot here is you.
  15. I know what you are but what am I?
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    Why don't you tell us all.

    EDIT: You forgot the picture.
    EDIT 2: And the caption. I feel cheated.
  17. You would need to think back as to how MUARC as treated motorcyclists in the past and make your Decision from their . :unsure:
  18. Read my previous post...
  19. ^^^ thank Tony yes I did :) Can I ask who is paying for this research ?
  20. Some levy money and some VicRoads money has gone into it.
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