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VicRoads Letter

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by presti, Nov 26, 2010.

  1. Hey guys.

    Recently i received a letter from VicRoads firstly congratulating me on my motorcycle licence. Now this i thought was just a little strange, as it was quite a number of months late and so forth.

    Secondly, they have invited me to do some 'Free On-Road coaching' which, if i agree, could be between one month and 12 months from now.

    I remember reading that someone was saying that things like these (i believe, or a survey) was being ripped into something dodgy. Has anyone in Vic done this before? Do they believe its worth while?

    If it's legit and purely for my safety i have NO problem doing it, but if it is to highlight how motorcyclists with licences are not upto scratch then i wont (if you get what i mean)

  2. give them nothing except what you had to do to pass to get your licence
  3. My wife did it and it was great. It is nothing to do with making riders look bad, etc.

    They do a survey at the start to gauge your experience, skill, etc. Nothing too major, just some good feedback. Then you do a 4 or 5 hour training session with a couple HART instructors and a small group of riders. You can get lots of feedback, pointers, tips, etc. Then at some stage within the next few months you do another survey to see how your riding is developing, etc.

    Nothing sinister at all.... if you go along and pickup one helpful hint or tip its worth it, and it doesn't cost you anthing but time and fuel for your bike.

    ML, I am suprised you would pass judgement on something like this when you don't even know what the scheme is.
  4. I have done it. I did the ride a couple of months back and my second phone interview about 2 weeks back. Like trekka said you do a training session with HART instructors. There is one instructor to 3 riders. you have a bit of a chat about pre ride inspections, wearing the right gear etc then go for a ride for an hour or two. Each rider gets a chance to lead the group and you stop a few times to discuss hazard perception, road position etc.
    It didnt really teach me anything I didnt already know because I had already done a course through HART (in addition to my licence courses) where I was taught road postion etc, plus the countless tips I have got from the forums here, but it did reinforce things for me. Still I think it is worthwhile though and if you are relatively inexperienced on a bike you will pick up some good tips.
  5. ok I retract my statement
  6. thanks guys! ill def's put my hand up for it and hope they do it over the christmas holidays as i work during the days
  7. Well, just keep in mind the timeless wisdom of Admiral Ackbar.
  8. I got my initial letter about 4 months before I was off LAMS restrictions!
    Registered & as of last week have had my 2nd phone interview & was put in the group to ride after 12 months.
    Thing is, I am now off restrictions & ride a Z1000!!
    Supposed to be on a Lams bike etc. Wonder how this will effect things.
    Still have the G/F's 250 in the garage!!!
  9. I like the idea of the onroad coaching... but MUARC will spin it like this: On road coached riders responded positively to the training and X crashed in the first 12months. This is below the average. On road training is expensive compared to the benefit so make it mandatory, extend the period of time required to increase the cost which will limit riding to the elite few, thereby reducing exposure of riders on the road... and place WRB's down the centre of all roads for good measure.
  10. Got the letter.

    Saw "on road coaching" and thought "Great, they're actually doing something useful."

    Then I saw MUARC's logo and thought "Well sod that then."
  11. I agree with robsalvv.... Whilst it seems good, one can only assume it's the government up to something dodgy....

    Where was that thread about MC licenses costing $12k due to compusory training BS...? :roll:
  12. I got the same issue..now riding a non lams bike
  13. It's not an issue guys. Doesn't matter what you're riding as they want to compare the trained group with the non-trained group after 12 months.
  14. I didn't wait for no letter as when I did my probationary license test the posters were plastered all over the place so I jumped on the net completed this survey within a few days they called me and did the 1st phone interview. They said it would take 30 minutes but I managed to get it over and done with in 15 minutes. I've been told I will be in the deferred ride which is 11 months away. Still have another 2 more phone interviews to go thru from now till then too.

    So what's in it for me at the end?

    1) $90 voucher
    4) 4 hour ride with on road couching and regular feedback by instructors
    3) Hi visibility vest

    I can live with that.
  15. I heard there was a $50 booking fee for the coaching, but it is refunded when you show up on the day.
    Suppose it is an incentive to keep the appointment.
  16. wouldn't be a white ZX6R would it???!!!
  17. Any training is good but I totally understand the antigovernment attitude .
    Here in victoria we have vic police vicroads and the government all combining against the motorcyclist .
  18. Correct you're right there is also a $50 refundable booking fee to ensure people turn up.
  19. remember if you fill out that survey make sure you give em no ammo
  20. Most certainly is :)