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Vicroads, LAMS Bike & an aftermarket exhaust

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by gbsys, Dec 6, 2010.

  1. Hi Guys

    I have an SV650S LAMS, and would like to put on an after market exhaust on.

    My insurance company are OK, but does anybody know if you are supposed to let VR know if you change your exhaust (assuming that the exhaust meets emission & noise regulations)?

    The other issue is that if the exhaust alters the power output that VR may not consider it a LAMS bike any longer.

    Has anybody had experience with this?



  2. I've honestly never heard any one be hassled for it and I've certainly not had my aftermarket exhaust glanced at for more than a moment by the boys in blue.

    In theory if the modification increases it's power to weight ratio it's no longer learner legal. In practice just doing the exhaust yields a small increase to power output at best and they'd have to dyno the bike to prove it.
  3. The only issues that could pull you up are noise and emissions - and that's the EPA rather than VicRoads. Since that's not the case then there's no problem. Unless you change the capacity or specifically derestrict the bike (if it has specific restrictions) then there's no need to notify anyone.

    I doubt that the SV650 is so close to the limit on power to weight that the exhaust would put you far over the edge anyway.
  4. Thanks guys, appreciate your thoughts.
  5. why the hell would you want to tell them?

    just do it and not tell them. my lams bike is modded heaps and they wouldnt really have a clue ;)
  6. Just do it I did.
    I've got an XVS650 and put after market pipes on it and didn't worry about it.
  7. I've got an SV650 LAMS with an Ixil can on it. It did give it a little bit extra but I didn't tell anyone.
    If you want a frigging loud pipe, this is the one.
    Luckily, my neighbours ride old loud Triumphs.

    PM me if you want to know more about it.
  8. I've got an '09 SV650 LAMS and it's been modified a fair bit, including a Race-Tech exhaust which does not err on the side of quiet haha, and I would not dream of telling any Government Dept about it. They don't need to know about it, and if the cops leave you alone, well then that is all that matters.
  9. you could tell vic tards if you wanted to, but you'd be on hold for at least 3 hours and then no-one there would have a clue what you're talking about.
    in fact it's highly unlikely anyone there even knows what a motorcycle is and even if you did by some remarkable chance get to talk with someone that had a vague idea about anything you'd only be told that any bike with a capacity up to 6fiddy is learner legal, because that's all they know.
    i think you'd be pushing your luck with terminology such as 'exhaust system'.
    four syllables in two words would fry the brain of the vic tard instantly.
    and before you know it you'd be transferred to some std extension where a little indian man with a very bad canadian accent would try and sell you a mobile plan and change your energy supply company.

    the only people you should consider telling is your insurance company to have it on your policy as an aftermarket exhaust.

    if these new sv 6fiddy lams are injected i really would'nt bother changing the exhaust because it won't run as well without re-mapping.
  10. Be thankful they don't know what a bike is.
    Vicroads have very clear regs. making it illegal to make any sort of performance modification to a car if you're on a probationary licence, but don't seem to have thought to make any such rule for L/P platers on bikes.
  11. nah they have
    you cannot make any mechanical mods to a lams bike.
    it's on the website, but a vic tard employee would'nt be able to find it.
    if they could read and write they could easilly find a better job.