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VIC VicRoads job in motorcycle safety

Discussion in 'Employment' started by twistngo, Jun 5, 2008.

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  1. Key Selection Criteria:

    A relevant degree qualification and experience relevant to the position
    ^^ Let's hope that translates to : "must also be a rider"
  2. Pity they aren't paying enough, or it might be fun. :wink:
  3. My immediate concern is the bit about managing the "Motorcycle Levy" which I was under the impression was a TAC thing, not a Vicroads thing and which was managed by VMAC.

    Or does this person get a seat on VMAC?
  4. Its just a junior program manager role. But sounds like it could give someone some sway in the manner in which the projects are delivered.

    Pity as mentioned before that the role is about $80k -$100k below standard.
  5. It's a position which VMAC has been asking for - basically an administrative position to support VMAC. The current person has been doing it as well as a heap of other jobs and now she's been seconded elsewhere for a while.

    VMAC members have been saying that VicRoads should be supplying a full time person and now they have. The manager - vulnerable road users that this person reports to is one of the VicRoads representatives on VMAC.

    I like the bit in the "role statement"

    have, or rapidly acquire, sound knowledge of motorcycling and motorcycle safety policy and countermeasures :roll:
  6. So more of a secretarial position, which explains the salary. It doesn't explain the job description though, which should attract a $150K salary, as Pro-Pilot said. Oh well. :roll:
  7. I've acquired all my motorcycling knowledge as rapidly as possible :grin:

    Would the fines be tax deductable if you scored that position?
  8. ...u guys all obviously make too much money

    but working for vicroads no matter what would be a sole crushing job
  9. +1! :)

    ...would you be expecting to be on your feet all day? :-k
  10. It's bloody heaps more than I get paid. Might be time for a career change. :-k I'm not wearing a suit though.
    Which particular countermeasures are currently being used to combat motorcycle safety policy? :?
  11. Maybe it's referring to motorcycling countermeasures:

  12. boom tish rob :p
  13. They did it!!! It seems that Vicroads' new Motorcycle Safety Program Consultant isn't just a rider - it's our very own Chairman!! :dance:

    I worked with him in a previous life when he was developing education policy. When he's not bolting sidecars to a CB440/4, (yech!!!) he's riding his MV Agusta Brutale, SR500 cafe racer or his Sachs Madass. He comes from a motorcycling family (his dad rides a Deauville and Chairlady has a Virago).

    This is a good outcome - an experienced rider and a good policy thinker.

    And an evil sense of humour...
    VicRoads beware! :LOL:

  14. Bloody good call Vicroads! :applause:

    Is it official now... Chairman wanted some of us in the know to keep mum about it...
  15. Absolutely official - he asked me to release the news to an unsuspecting world... :wink:
  16. Congrats to the Chairman. Now, a trivial question, who is this guy?
  17. Martin,
    3337 posts and you don't know Chairman. :?

    One of the better known (and liked) people here.

    Do a search on his posts...
  18. Now we should see some changes! Congrats, Mark, on gaining a position that has huge potential for us to be seen in a better light, with more people aware of our needs :applause: :applause:
  19. All we need is for Mark to release a statement like his absolute pearler of a reply to his krusty demons review, I still laugh at that when thinking of it.
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