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VicRoads have my Demerit Points total wrong

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by doonx, Nov 10, 2005.

  1. I just rang the VicRoads Demerit Points line to check my balance. 131171 and follow the prompts, you need your licence number.

    They said that I currently have 2 points.

    In Feb this year I copped a 76 in a 60 zone infringement, being a fine of $205 and 3 Demerit Points (I'm looking at the notice in my hands now). I also got 2 other speeding fines in 2004, both 1 point being less than 10k's over the limit. So by my calculations I should have 5 Demerit Points right now.

    Has anyone else ever had an error like this made in their favour ?
  2. Why on earth were you checking this? Planning a big weekend?
  3. no, i was just cleaning my office (we're moving) and found the infringement notice and it made me wonder how many points I had, that's all.
  4. of course Mardi, I'm registered on the VicRoads Licencing System as "Doonks" ..........
  5. RTA Guy:

    Mmmm 12:06 just rang.
    2 demerit points
    lets see how many match that in the logs
    Ah ha.
    Now lets fix his little red wagon
    Post his real name and licence number to the forum!
  6. Just thought i'd double check mine out of curiosity . I have 11 left . :D
  7. :WStupid: Just thought I would check also . I have 12 left 8). Can I sell some :-k
  8. Wow I've been driving over three years and I still haven't lost any points, only been riding for a month though. Maybe I should ride faster / ignore more road rules to compensate.
  9. I've driven for 7 years, 3 of them in a turbo rx-7 without losing any points... 6 Months on the 250 and i've lost 3 already :p
  10. I've been driving/riding since 1968 and I lost 3 points out of a maximum of 12 in an accident in May '03.
    The last time I was booked for speeding was in Benalla in 1985.
  11. woo hoo ! 0 demerit points. I was half expecting it to come out and say "You have zero points. Well done - I am proud of you" in that very monotone female phone voice they use...

    A while back I went by one of those radar/speed signs on the road and I was going 46 in a 50 zone (lots of parked cars) - after it showed me my speed it then flashed up "well done". I didn't believe it, so I checked again and it did.
  12. i am to scared to dial the number :LOL:
    as they might say , just bring your licsense in on the way past :D
  13. I thought I'd check as well. I have 11 points left. woo hoo!!

    :D :D
  14. "You have...zero...demerit points against your licence".

    Guess I need to try harder...
  15. Last year I got a letter in the mail stating that I had 9 demerit points against my licence, so of course the very next day I went out and got pingged for running a red light in front of an unmarked car. 3 points thankyou very much. (yep, I'm an idiot)

    12 points means 12 months without losing another point or 3 months with no licence at which point they kindly give all your points back. Naturally I decided I'd take the 3 month no licence option and organised a 3 month holiday from work starting as soon as the licence got cancelled.

    Waited about 2 months for the notice to arrive in the mail and finally got one listing all my current points and what I'd lost them for. They only took 2 points off for the red light. I've still got the ticket from the copper and it definately says 3 points, the vic roads website also says you'll lose 3 points for a red light.

    Some one stuffed it up. Don't you just love inefficiency sometimes. :LOL:

    Of course I thought about ringing them up and pointing it out, :LOL: :LOL:

    I've currently got 8 points against my name, so I must have got 3 back recently.