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VIC Vicroads Discrimination - Can't Order Replacement Plates Online

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by dracomjb, Nov 22, 2012.

  1. So my number plate is not far off cracking all the way through and likely falling off. I investigate replacing it, go to Vicroads website, click on their helpful link on the left navigation bar titled "Order a replacement number plate" read the information, all good, click the Order link, select as instructed "order a replacement plate" select general issue, enter number plate number, enter license number, name, select motorcycle and get a pop-up saying that this is a USA Plate Upgrade. Select that option, get told not available.

    Do some more searching around the Vicroads website and discover that from October 2010 motorcycle number plates can only be replaced with new motorcycle style plates. Ok that's fine, but further down motorcyclists can only get replacement plates by going into a customer service centre, that are only open M-F 8.30am - 4.30pm. So because I ride a motorcycle, I have to take a morning or afternoon off work to go into an actual Vicroads office, join a queue of everyone else with no idea how long it will take and get a replacement number plate and I can't even get the same number that I have now.

    Is this just a way to get motorcyclists to order custom plates which are 10x the cost of replacements?
  2. I expect you need to hand the old plates in, hence why you need to go in.
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    Not, it's a specific requirement only for motorbike number plates, car plates can be ordered online.

    And completely contradicting their website, you can order replacement plates over the phone. Why they don't allow ordering via their website I have no idea.
  4. gaffer tape and zip ties.
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  5. If it's what I think it is, it's a defect in the computer system.

    I had to replace my plate about 4 weeks ago or so. Made it 90% of the way through self serve online and the computer barfed and said that this combination is a personalised plate not a standard plate.

    It looks like when they introduced the new number plate format for bikes they didn't update the back end properly. When I got onto a customer service rep on the phone he found the same thing - the system bitched that it was a personalised plate, not a general issue plate - and he had to tweak a way around it.

    Oh and FWIW I had the choice of dropping the old plate into VicRoads or just destroying it. Since it was pretty well fooked anyway I went for option b.

    So I don't think this is discriminating against motorcycles so much as evidence that VicRoads IT is as dysfunctional and incompetent as everywhere else. :-/
  6. This seems very odd......

    I had to replace a plate on my previous bike last year.......yes, the online form would not work correctly for a Moto.....I simply called the Vicplates number and ordered a new plate with the same rego over the phone.......all up I think it was ~$30 delivered......

    Again.....your account seems odd.....?
  7. Vic roads, dissfunctional?

    Ya reckon?
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  8. Touche........well played Sir
  9. Sure, first indication was buggy system, but further reading basically said motorcycle replacement plates can only be ordered by visiting a Vicroads office. Turns out that this is something else on their website that is wrong due to being able to order over the phone, but at no point does their website give that option.

    Motorcyclists are being discriminated against because they are unable to order replacement numberplates online, neither are they able to order new General Issue plates online. Car drivers can. How is this not discrimination?
  10. that it got like that in the first place is more a question of incompetence than discrimination, IMO.

    It becomes discrimination when they decide that it isn't worth fixing just for motorcyclists.