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VIC VicRoads denied registration

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by d e d, Jan 24, 2014.

  1. Hi NR,
    Looking for some (hopeful) first hand experience with this issue I had today.
    Long story short, got a RWC for my bike, took to VicRoads in Carlton today and the inspector denied registration due to the VIN number being a sticker as 'anyone can peel them off' (see attached photo - VicRoads inspector only sighted this blue VIN sticker thing).
    Apparently this is a new regulation introduced several years ago and he said the RWC people should have known this.
    He said the VIN must be either;
    - Stamped into the frame, or
    - Attached to frame via tamper-proof rivets.

    Spoke to the shop I got the RWC and they have never heard of this requirement.
    Spoke to Peter Stevens, who apparently may have imported the bike original, just to ask what they think of it as I imagined they still import bikes...guy I spoke to also never heard of this and they use stickers as well.

    Has anyone registered a grey import motorbike recently with a similar VIN sticker/setup as mine???

    FYI, in the second attached, is the compliance sticker which I totally forgot about to show the VicRoads inspector at the time(!!!)...would this be sufficient for VicRoads???

    MODS: Sorry if this is in the wrong section; didn't know where best to put it.

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  2. Take the bike back to the seller, and ask for your money back. It is a requirement that the seller provides a RWC for it to be sold in VIc.
  3. Incorrect GG.

    An unregistered vehicle can be sold without RWC.

    Secondly, OP has a RWC and is in the process of getting the vehicle registered.

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  4. When a buyer came back to me asking for a refund which I declined, they followed up with a letter lawyers letter.
    I was legally advised to refund the purchase price of a vehicle that I had sold in Vic, due to the vehicle not having a RWC.

    BTW You're up late/early.
  5. In that first picture with the blue sticker there seems to be some numbers stamped to the headstem. I can only assume this must be a 12 digit VIN (I might be off on the total number of digits). Anyway these older Japanese bikes never have the, Australian required, 17 digit VIN number. So, in order to meet compliance (post 1989 bikes), digits are added to the VIN. And I've never seen one start with anything other than '6U90'. So that looks pretty legit.

    Going off the compliance plate, the 03/03, indicates it was imported in March 2003. So this bike has either been sitting in a garage for over 10 years, or more likely, already been registered for Australian roads. Previous registration is always a good indicator of the ability of an import bike to be re-registered.

    I just did a VIN number check on your bike and, yes, it was registered before. However the registration was cancelled. You might want to blank out the barcode on that compliance plate too!

    So yeah if you don't have the 12 numbers starting with "ZX250C" stamped to the right hand side of the headstem; you're going to have a problem. Otherwise, along with that compliance plate, roadworthy, and even the previous registration number of FL***, you should be OK.
  6. Motor Car Traders Regulations 2008
    Road Safety (Vehicles) Regulations 2009
    Motor Car Traders Act 1986

    s 42A provides that a person must not sell a registered vehicle without a current RWC unless either the buyer is a licensed car trader, a special trader, or the vehicle is sold at public auction by a licensed auctioneer acting on behalf of the owner.

    In order to be sold without a RWC, the vehicles registration must be cancelled before the sale (unless the sale falls within one of the exceptions provided by legislation eg. Reg 72, Reg 75 etc.


    and from here:

    Unregistered vehicles
    An unregistered vehicle can be sold without a Certificate of Roadworthiness.

    Sellers responsibility
    Cancel vehicle registration, remove number plates and return them to VicRoads.

  7. That clears that up.
    The vehicle was registered in NSW. The sale took place in Victoria.
  8. Either of those requirements seems very easy to fulfill for very cheap. I would just go get it done and forget about it. There is a point to this legislation.
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    Firstly, thank you to everyone who has replied so far! Appreciate the chat and advice on this as I have never come across this issue and am a bit bewildered by it :S
    And yes just to clarify this particular situation I did buy the bike unregistered without a RWC knowing full well I would need to organise one for the bike to be registered again, etc etc...:)

    Are you a wizard? How did you get the VIN from the barcode lol

    I can't figure out how to remove an uploaded photo to replace it with a blanked-out barcode one

    - Yep the headstem has the original Japanese VIN stamped into it, which as you point out, is the same as the last 12 digits of the Australian VIN! Seems retarded as I was under the impression the 6U900 was to identify Australia so all Australian VINs start with this?...VicRoads should be able to accept it as the unique numbers of the Japanese VIN and Australian VIN are the same.............

    Many thanks for your checking and reply! Really appreciate it as I'm a bit lost with this stuff and a bit annoyed, to say the least.

    I would like to have one of them done and be done with it so VicRoads cannot deny rego again, but would you know where I should get it done?

    I was thinking of trying to track down this Thunder Downunder mob, but I suspect they are no longer around...or I could locate another importer and see if they'd do it?

    I have a sickening feeling if I had of shown the VicRoads inspector the compliance sticker, he might have OK'd it as I would imagine the compliance stickers are tamper proof?
  10. Take it to another registration place, or go back to the same place and make sure you get served by a different person and explain about how the vin stamps work and they will most likely accept it. Had trouble getting my electric motorbike conversion registered with one guy, took it in the next day and some awesome lady had it registered in 5min.

    Its all about if the person you speak to is in a good mood. :)
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  11. I would just go to a locksmith and ask them to engrave the VIN on the frame. I have no idea about it though so this could be completely wrong.
  12. that sounds promising...this might be what I do...might try and call VicRoads and see if I can speak to someone about this before going in again...doubt it though haha.
  13. Most vicroad depots usually have an approved stamping station close and handy. This is if you have a trailer or car that needs a new number stamped on it these people will do it for you. Might be another option.
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  14. Actually, do you remember/know if your VIN is stamped or riveted to the frame for this bike?
    Just wondering if others have been able to register a bike recently with VIN stickers only...cheers
  15. I bought a bike for my partner to learn on and it has the frame number on a plate riveted to the head stem. Below it is a compliance sticker from 2009.


    My Ford Territory (sold Australian wide) only has a compliance sticker which is visible on the RH A pillar when the door is open. There's no metal plate anywhere on the car that I could see.


    my own bike has the VIN stamped into the head stem and the compliance plate beside it.
  16. the territory will have it on the chassis under the carpet in the drivers footwell.

    if you are asking someone to stamp or engrave the VIN make sure it is an authorised person and it is possible that stamping in the wrong location may may the frame unusable
  17. Carlton won't be any use.They told me to go off to a trailer shop and get my trailer stamped when we couldn't find a VIN. Ended up buying a stamping kit off ebay and doing it myself.
    You want it to look professional so it doesn't raise suspicion with the next buyer but it's normal for the first 5 digits to be in a different style.
  18. What Titus said.

    Similar thing happened to my uncle trying to register a trailer caravan.
    Just buy a stamping kit, DIY, make sure it looks legit and not dodgy.
    That's vicroads for you. They all have their heads up their arses.
  19. Easiest way go to engraver and get it engraved to metal plate and rivet it in yourself
  20. Well finally got it sorted out and registered.
    Was put onto a mob in the South-East suburbs by another motorbike mob, who put VIN onto a metal plate and riveted to frame (after verifying VIN was legit and all that - they even spoke to VicRoads to confirm riveting a plate to frame was OK).
    Took to VicRoads Burwood East and it almost got rejected again! This time they said it can only be stamped into frame!!!! (even tho the Carlton VicRoads inspector told me riveting a plate is acceptable).
    So asked to speak to a supervisor and he OK'd the rego straight away and I overheard him saying something along the lines of that it is based on how the bike was originally registered...sounds like I possibly didn't need to go through all this BS; just needed someone who knew WTF they were doing.

    It's on the road now, thank god.

    Thanks again to everyone for all the info and advice!...I doubt I'll buy another import again LOL! ;-)
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