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Vicroads bike inspection (Need assistance)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by RigaRider, Aug 17, 2011.

  1. I have recently (on this weekend) moved from Sydney to Melbourne and need to register my bike which has expired registration. I will get RWC done today and will have to make an appointed for inspection at Burwood East registry for Thursday or Friday. I am just a learner and dont feel that comfortable riding a bike in traffic from Box Hill to Burwood East in a new city.

    Would anyone be able to help and ride a bike to Burwood and back for me. Beer will be on me.

    P.S. I dont have a car.
  2. If it were on a weekend I'd be happy to do it :/
  3. Of course you do realise you're asking someone to ride an unregistered bike?
    I would call VicRoads and inform them of what you're asking and see if any special permit/permission can be obtained for the trip...

    Oh by the way, Box Hill to VicRoads Burwood is not too difficult and (down Middleborough Rd and left into Burwood Hwy) is as safe as any other..
  4. I have got a permit for unregistered bike and have done RWC.

    Okay, I might just ride there myself.. will have to memorize a route and be extra cautious. Today was first time I was riding in traffic when I went to get RWC done.
  5. Thanks! However I was told they are closed on a weekend :-(
  6. You do realize you're asking for some complete stranger to come and ride your bike for you, don't you?
    If you still don't feel comfortable I will do it. Save some tosspot from making off with your bike/crashing it.
  7. Why not go to Mick Hone in Box Hill?
  8. They have done my RWC today.. need Vicroads inspection done in Burwood.
  9. Ah right sorry, I misread.
  10. Apparently everything is booked out till next Wednesday, however I am starting my new job on Monday.. why they can't be opened on Saturday like RTA?

    Any suggestions other than taking half day off?
  11. There is everything booked out in all Melbourne one week ahead..

    I was told I could go to Vicroads located 90km from me by Monash and Princess Hwy.
  12. can you make an appointment on a day that you work, take a couple of hours off and ride from worm for inspection? I do undertsand your permit allows for travel between home and inpsection but if your work is in the line of 'on the way to rta' does that count?
  13. I live nearby in Ringwood but not at home during the week..

    Can't Mick Hone help you out?? It may cost you a little but surely they could find a way to get it inspected??
  14. I have managed to book inspection for tomorrow morning at Oakleigh South.

    Thanks to everyone!
  15. Mmmmm.. I could actually do that for you if you wanted. Your coming on the pillion yeah? If its not something totally silly you want me to ride (I am NEVER riding another Yammy 100 ) and you want drop me a PM
  16. Everything was done without major dramas except lady at Vicroads decided that M620ie is not the same as M620 on LAMS list, however everything got sorted out.. until I came home and saw that on rego my bike is Ducati Solo =D
  17. mine's a hornet solo, but dual seats, dual pegs, go figure, is your bike NOT a ducati? :(
  18. Mine is Ducati Monster 620ie, however she put it down on rego as Ducati Solo for some reason..
  19. I have had a couple of bikes listed as solo, not sure why they do it, but rego is paid, thats the main thing!! Your bike is obviously setup for two people, they inspected it!!
    just enjoy the ride :)