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VicRide - Monash study

Discussion in 'Research, Studies, and Data' at netrider.net.au started by kravits, May 20, 2010.

  1. Received a letter from vicroads today saying I might be interested in a monash study. So the basic deal was they take me on an instructed 4hr ride with someone from HART who gives me pointers on my riding. Then they call me up 2 times over 12 months to see how my riding is going (i'm guessing how much i've crashed compared to those who haven't done it). In the end I also get a $90 voucher for helping.

    I know a lot of you guys don't like the monash studies but to hell with it, free on road coaching and $90 voucher, why not! Very useful because I was planning on doing an advanced course soon anyway.

    Has anyone else done this or are planning to?

    Sorry if its already up, I had a search but couldn't find anything.
  2. The state government would happily take that $90 back from your cold dead hand and you can be sure that Monash will fudge the figures to justify getting that much and more off you (that's what they're paid to do).

    If you want to do advanced training, your best bet is to do so. It's probably less expensive in the long run and without the added extra of shooting yourself and the rest of us in the foot. The training Monash will pay for would likely be no more than telling you not to speed. Being HART you'd probably get a couple of pointers for free, but nothing like the info you'd recieve in during an advanced training course. :)
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  5. Morons

  6. Not suggesting you take it up or not, but is IS interesting that they are even interested in looking at advanced training.
    Some fairly threadbare studies over a decade ago convinced the government that skills training was a very bad idea and they've run with that theme ever since.
    Two possible outcomes: generational change within the bureaucracy may have led some to look at this again; or they are getting sick of the calls for more training and looking for some figures to discredit it all again.

    If you do take it up... don't f#$@n' crash!
  7. Manufacturers (of)
    Research (for)
  8. DING! I think we have a winner.
  9. Fixed
  10. Or if you do take it up tell them about your unpleasant history of crashes and near misses, take a motard, drop it gently on the way out by doing some noob manoeuvre, get better and better with the training, and at each 6 month interview phase declare the wondrous benefits of training for making people safer.

    I'm a staunch supporter of better rider training for beginners, but if it takes a little underhandedness to break that old crap idea that they have in their head that riders and drivers don't benefit from training, then so be it.
  11. hahahaha - I think I started a trend.
  12. Trend...yeah...I'm with Flux with the benefits of training....so we all need to buy a POS and join the various training program...spend the first day crashing everywhere, the second showing some improvements...the third even better, until finally we can get out of their driveway without first canoning off the parked cars on the way out...bewdie!.

    Ya gotta love the system. LOL.

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  14. ...every sperm is sacred Grue... :grin:
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  16. This is the assisted rides levy funded program overseen by VMAC. MUARC are doing the evaluation - HART are co-ordinating the training. This is a world first in actually carrying out an evaluation of on road training on around 2000 riders over the next couple of years.

    Boycott it if you like - but if you do you're basically stupid. It's taken a long time to get a project like this up and there's a lot riding on it. In particular the future of proper on-road training. It's a project that has attracted a lot of attention both nationally and internationally.

    As one of the several VMAC rider and industry members who fought hard for this over a long time- thanks guys. With reactions like that why the hell do we bother!
  17. Tony, I don't give a stuff if you guys went to great effort to help these manipulative arseholes. They are interested in the bottom line as has been shown time and again and that is to lower speed limits and increase speed cameras ie enforcement so they tell the state government what they want to hear to increase revenue. and ensure more "research funding.
    Those kunts have shafted us one too many times and will do so again and again with their biased "testing" methods.
    You are naive if you believe these cocksmokers have our best interests at heart.
    They are NOT to be trusted and the more riders refuse to work with these knobjockeys the better.
    Sometimes I wonder what's the point of VMAC.
    It's about time we became a bit more adversarial rather than conciliatory as they have just reamed us time and again.
  18. What part of overseen don't you understand. MUARC are not the most wonderful and I've criticsed some of their studies in the past - but the truth is that they got this in open tender. They are not the ones running the show - they are being employed to do the evaluation with specified criteria.

    MUARC have nothing to gain by stuffing this up - and everything to lose. As I said - feel free to boycott it. You'll miss out on some innovative first class on-road training with an instructor/student ratio of about 1:5 and they'll give you money to take part.

    It's being run at 5 locations including Bendigo and Warragul.
  19. Ok read the bolded bit over and over.
    They got their fingers in the pie and are EVALUATING the specified criteria.
    That's enough for them to completely stuff it up for us.
    Sorry not convinced.
    ANYTHING that they touch stinks to high heaven and should be avoided like the plague.