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VIC VicPol/VicRoads, I hate you

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Gurbachen, Apr 9, 2013.

  1. Rant inspired by the F U Qld Transport thread, which raised my ire about the events of today. To be clear from the get-go, I'm not trying to pass the blame for my actions onto the police/vicroads, nor trying to avoid responsibility for my actions. I will however call them out for their horseshit revenue raising. This road is long, flat, empty, with only one entry/exit point on each side of the road (cemetery on one side, long factory complex thing on the other), so there's no safety issue here. They know people will want to speed there since it could easily be 80kph, and they want some cashola in their pockets. Anyway, ranting about their tactics won't get me anywhere, we all know they're crooked as they come, so on to the rest of the rant!

    So some of you may have seen my bitchy status a few weeks ago about getting a speeding fine in the cage that screws me out of ~$450, four demerit points, and a one month suspension. I cop my fines as they come, but the suspension is already proving highly irritating, having to take PT to work. Worst part of it was that it extended my LAMS restrictions for another month, when I thought I'd be getting a big boy bike right around now. I called up the Civic Compliance people (seriously, does that name not ring alarm bells with anyone else?) to get an extension on the fine, and in that conversation and the subsequent transfer to VicRoads I learnt a few things.

    1) I got caught TWICE by the same camera, same road, same day. Only received one letter but guessing the other got lost somewhere along the way. Almost same speed so identical punishments. Now if that car has been clearly marked, or there was some visible indication that I'd been sprung, it certainly wouldn't have happened twice, let alone the first time. But I guess that would be too safety focused instead of filling their coffers.

    2) The two separate one month suspensions run concurrently, so only a month, which is just retarded but in a good way. However those extra four points put me at 14 points in three years, which means when my one month suspension is up, I get the lovely option of a further 3 months suspended, or a good behaviour bond for 12 months. That 3 months would also probably push my restrictions back AGAIN, and I'm already going batshit having been without a bike for a year. I really don't want to get another 3 months, but it's so easy to lose a single point, even just from speedo error that I don't know I wanna risk it for a whole year.

    3) This is the worst part of the whole thing. I got my full license three months later than I thought. I was remembering the date of my L's. So an extra four months (including the one month suspension extension). I have to wait 'til July now. I may cry.

    Man this turned into an essay. Anyway, vent over, as you were.

    P.S. Please leave out the 'Don't do the crime if you can't do the time' type posts. As stated above, I cop the consequences of my actions on the chin as anyone should. This isn't a 'poor victimised me' story, it's an 'I'm a dickhead but so are they' story.
  2. your a dickhead and so are they :p

    lol take the good behaviour bond mate - it's not that hard you just tend to pay extra attention to where and when you are silly...i'm on my 2nd 2 year good behaviour bond in 4 years right now - sure it's a risk but if i was you personally i'd much rather be riding/driving than sitting around on public transport.

    best of luck either way.
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  3. Yes mate feel your pain but this is Victoria and its all revenue for an incompetent state government that use road users as a cash cow . Don't let get you down
  4. Grow Up!
  5. are you sure you were driving and it wasn't another member of your family? ;)
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  6. As I have noted before, the whole scheme of things down there seems utterly batty. Every time I go south I see all the signs, speed warnings etc, but especially on the highways if you're not doing 130 you get run over by little old ladies driving Corollas. Don't they get booked too, or does enforcement just target certain roads/areas, or certain types of vehicles??
  7. You got caught by a camera? That should never happen. Fixed cameras are easy to spot and mobile cameras are in the same selection of places almost every time.

    If you want to avoid this sort of thing, get a GPS with a fixed and mobile camera database plus proximity warnings. Vehicles parked for no apparent reason by the side of the road and with a clear view of the road should also make you suspicious.
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  8. I'm pretty sure they can't do this. Get it checked out by someone who really knows, but I believe that any subsequent offence committed after the first, but before you receive notification of the first, can be waived under the understanding that you should have the opportunity to correct your behaviour.
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  9. +1 haven't people got off a second offence before because it happened the same day, same camera?
  10. A perfect example of inappropriate use of speed cameras.
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  11. http://www.police.vic.gov.au/content.asp?Document_ID=10369

  12. Just adds fuel for the revolutionary fires :p


    If it were just the points I'd do it but the suspension is too inconvenient to inflict on someone else.

    It was a camera car, i didn't notice it until the third or fourth pass. I don't frequent this road so it didn't seem out of the ordinary, figured it was someone visiting a grave until I noticed it had been there for a few hours. I do keep an eye out for suspicious cars, just didn't expect one that day. My bad.

    From your subsequent post it looks like that doesn't apply to mobile cameras, don't see why it should apply to one and not the other, just VicPol's usual bullshit I suppose. Brief glimmer of hope shat upon :p
  13. Yeah I'll probably take the bond, third day of PT and I'm already over it lol. Thanks bud
  14. And another bread winner and tax payer bits the dust,mobile cameras are the absolute pits.The GPS alerts don't work,the data base has thousands of potential placers,the gadget would be beeping just about 80% of the time.Who the hell docent creep up over 60ks every now and then on SAFE sections of road.Even roads that were 60 a while ago but now are 50.
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  15. Bad luck Gurbs. Was that Champion Road?
  16. Quoted for truth.
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  17. Well to be fair it was 25+ over, but the road shouldn't be 60 there anyway.

    Yeah bud it was, was driving back and forth from old house in Newport to temp house in Willi. IIRC the cam car was a red 4wd
  18. Ok yeah live just near there, easy road to do 80 on being dead straight and wide.
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  19. I don't know what your equivalent of a section 10(1)(a) is but I would refusing to pay it on principle until i have had my bit in front of a magistrate asking for one.
  20. On what grounds would you be objecting. Same camera, clearly marked on multiple occasions on the same day. Stupid is as stupid does.