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VIC Vicpol & unreg trail bike collision

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by chicken78, Sep 27, 2012.

  1. This just popped up on police news; can't attach the link from my phone;

    Man taken to hospital after collision with police

    Thursday, 27 September 2012 21:02

    A man has been taken to hospital with serious injuries after colliding with a police vehicle earlier this afternoon in Hoppers Crossing.

    Wyndham Highway Patrol members first saw the unregistered trail bike travelling along Forsyth Road around 2.30pm.

    The police vehicle activated the blue lights and siren but the rider took off across a grass plantation and police lost sight of the bike.

    Police conducted a patrol of the adjoining industrial area and were travelling in Dunlop Road, without lights and siren, when they commenced a right turn into the drive way of a business premise.

    As police commenced the turn, the driver saw the trail bike travelling along the nature strip approaching the turning police vehicle.

    The driver braked, causing his vehicle to turn towards the bike before coming to a stop.

    The rider saw the police vehicle and tried to ride between a power pole and a cement mixer, losing control of his bike and colliding with the front of the police vehicle.

    The rider, a 21-year-old Tarneit man, sustained serious injuries in the collision and was conveyed to the Royal Melbourne Hospital.

    The circumstances surrounding the collision will be investigated and police have already spoken to several witnesses at the scene.

    Creina O’Grady
    Media Officer

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  2. How dare the police do their job.
  3. This is the bit I find interesting.

    Surely if they can't keep the car in a straight line when braking they should be arresting themselves for unsafe driving - or putting a defect notice on the Police car.
  4. In comparison to regular incidents on their page, this one seems to have an awful lot of detail regarding the specifics of the accident?
  5. By trying to run over and kill a guy on a bike, then coming up with some overly detailed, convoluted description of how they parked their car and the rider just rode into them and sustained serious injuries?

    PS - not sticking up for unregistered riders necessarily - that shit pisses me off. But this description is pure BS.
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  6. I think they call it reasonable force in the apprehension of a person in the commission of an offence.
    The bike cops around here used to ride up beside the kids and then kick them off the bike if they didnt stop..
  7. One would assume from the description if they were turning up a driveway, their vehicle would continue to turn until stationary. It's plausible, be it truth or not.

    *Flame suit on* I feel little sympathy for the rider, he rides an unregistered bike on the road, then runs from the police, then collides with them attempting an overtake on the nature strip. Feels as though he might have contributed quite a bit to his own fate.
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  8. Not when they state "the driver braked, causing his vehicle to turn".

    So the implication is that it wasn't the Police officer that turned into the path of the bike, but their brakes. I can't help but picture some sort of Hollywood style intentional slide under brakes - you know, the sort of thing they arrest hoons for even if they don't hit anyone.
  9. ...if there wasn't a problem with using a squad car to ram a motorcyclist they would of just come out and said they used a squad car to ram a motorcyclist wouldn't they.
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  10. Google maps link, wonder if it is these cement mixers and power pole and driveway.

    Guy should have stuck to the bike path down the end of the road, I'd say that's where he came from, fanging up the road, spots the cops heads for the footpath.......

  11. I would have found it much easier to accept if they had said this. In a way.

    But they have to come up with this bullshit instead...
  12. so... police saw him and promptly lost control of their vehicle hitting a power pole on the naturestrip. rider tries to ride past on footpath, but pisses himself laughing and falls off. police in a bind over damage to vehicle from power pole choose to blame rider for hitting them, notice cement mixer on property, and push it over onto the fallen rider to set the scene.

    is that about how we read this?
  13. Yeah the police is again cooking up some B/S hollywood story. They rammed the guy after he didnt follow police (power tripping) instructions...........

    I wouled even think that the guy wasnt really riding on the road but was just riding around the park............he is maybe a local.

    Theres absolutely no excuse for coppers deliberately causing a serious accident............
  14. You're ok with this?

    On so many levels I hope you're trolling.
  15. Come on guys, give the coppers a break. Many NetRiders complain when the police don't take any action in matters, now this time they have tried to stop a guy riding a trail bike on the road and he has run. Anyone else seen the tragic circumstances riding an unreg bike on the road can have? Check this out.

    Sure, things don't always go according to plan when you chase an uncooperative, unpredictable suspect on a highly manoeuvrable vehicle. But saying, "they deliberately ran him over" is pure speculation.

    I wasn't there, so I'm not going to say they didn't run into him, but sheesh, don't just jump to the worst possible conclusion. You would be seriously pissed off if people did it to you.

    Yes, I have my flame suit on. But in all seriousness, the guy ran. Things don't always work out.
  16. Ah yes, but to use a term you'll be familiar with, they've "got form", don't they?
    And if you think not, cast your memory back to FireRed's little chase that turned up on the telly...
    Remember at the start, that idiot copper with his tongue hanging out everywhere screaming "RAM HIM"??!!
  17. That guy was a cowboy, but I don't remember him saying 'ram him'. But who's to say it was him chasing this bloke?

    Police are trained to never make contact with another vehicle during a pursuit, not like America. But as I said, yeah things don't always go to plan.
  18. its funny.. i saw pictures of the aftermath on the news last night.. the cop car was at an intersection.. bitumen under and all around the car.. not half way up a concrete style driveway as this reads..

    and the rider had hit the car head on.. with damage to the front of the car and windscreen not from the front quarter as also would have been expected if the car was turning into a driveway and the rider was moving along a foot path..

    all sorts of wrong here..

    as for the other story.. the young boy was riding unlicensed and one of the tv witnesses said "he didnt have a helmet" weather it was knocked off him or he was wearing an older brothers helmet 3 sizes too big and it just fell off etc etc etc.. sad story.. but why was he there in the first place???

    if these riders were doing the right thing.. and not riding on the road unregistered.. we wouldnt even be having this conversation.. so i dont see how its possible to completely remove them from being at fault..
  19. Not defending the actions of the rider and he deserves to be caught and charged.

    However, what was written by VicPol seemingly smacks of what we in the RAAF used to call "tin plating your arse" because you fucked up.
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