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VIC VicPol: unmarked red BMW K1600GT

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Heli, Nov 27, 2011.

  1. From the first week of December if you see this in your mirror, it could be VicPol on their latest unmarked solo:


    It is currently in Dawson Street being kitted out with lights, radio, radar and noise.

    Be aware :eek:
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  2. I'll be wary
    i've set it as my desktop wall paper so that I'll recognize it when I see it
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  3. If you want wallpaper, here is a Hi-res copy of the photo (y)
  4. thanks for that :)
  5. It's already out I saw it in Caulfield last week. Only has one rear tail pack but. Also descret lights in the rear LIC plate. Rider where Blue jacket with white reflective piping.
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  6. That's a fake....the rider is wearing gear.
  7. Thanks: I thought it was due out this week. Maybe it was on a test ride if it only had one pannier, as they put the radios in one side?

    The blue jacket is standard for unmarked riders, with very muted VicPol shoulder badges which are hard to see: until you're having a personal one on one discussion ;)

  8. That's what the bike LOOKS like, it's NOT the actual cop bike.
  9. No pannier more of a hard tail pack with key he unlocked to get his cap out. Maybe they will just use portiable radios on this one :p never got to see the front how the flashers are set up :(
  10. I think the OP only used it as an example not the actul bike. If I was not driving that day I would of taken a happy snap of it. No rear flasher pol on these bikes either.

    Did I not read somewhere there was an orange version of the covert bikes as well on the Monash somewhere?
  11. ha ha anyone in Vic with a red beemer is gonna find themselves short of ride buddies !
  12. It was a joke anyway, Christ do we have to takeeverything so serious.
  13. Was reading quick blurb about these today in Virgin in flight mag. Over 500kg when loaded :shock: Try pushing that out the shed without busting a poopah :busting: valve. With just a lazy extra 2 cylinders, to outgrunt us in line fours.

    Heli are you the same Heli that used to post pics of Hotham by per chance on another forum?
  14. Operational weight (80% fuel) is ~315kg: I s'pose the other 185kg would be a very heavy driver, pax and gear?

    I can push back into a parking spot with very little effort, it's a remarkably easy bike to move around, and stunning with those 'lazy extra 2 cylinders' when it is up and running ;)

    Yes, that was my operation between Hotham and Falls Creek :D
  15. I for one am pretty happy about this. Down side is more chance of being caught on the bike, but the fact that they're more likely to catch people texting, reading newspapers and the rest of the crap that people do in their cars is great. They always seem to act responsibly when there is a cop around but I reckon I see 5 people a day on their mobiles in the car.
  16. At least they have taste :)
  17. I think VicPol should get these.


  18. Police association (ie the union) are now on record as saying that it's marked vehicles that make a difference to driver behaviour, not covert tactics which simply don't work. Seems the administration still haven't learnt that lesson.

  19. They'll only catch 'em at it if they filter, and the cops don't filter.
  20. You are kidding arn't you??
    Not only are they trained to filter, they're allowed to do it at any time..