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VIC VicPol take the credit for low road toll

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Heli, Jun 29, 2012.

  1. We are the toll: Hard work on the road toll paying off.

    Obviously the TAC were asleep at the wheel, otherwise they would have claimed the credit!

    Just a bit intrigued at the 6th para, with a claim of 12,700 offences 'across the Easter holiday period...as part of Operation Crossroads' and an implication that they were all motorcycle related. Surely a bit devious aligning all those offences to an anti motorcycle campaign: haven't we had that before in the Ranges, where more cages than bikes were booked when out to get bikes?

  2. As always..very quick to claim any credit, due or not.

    By their own admission the current figure has a +40, -14 tolerance...
  3. It does appear to be a little misleading.

    Whilst they had 12700 offences over the easter period. Motorcycle offences were:

    "Motorcyclists were also a focus through the operation, with 102 unlicensed riders found and 149 unregistered motorcycles detected.

    A worrying 29 riders were caught without a helmet, 32 disobeyed signs and signals, and 240 were caught speeding."
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  4. It's almost juvenile this " Look what We did everybody".. I'm a barman, this is like me getting all puffed up cos I poured a good beer. to be crowing about taking 2000 "Dangerous" drivers off the road, some poor bastard canna afford to pay his exorbitant annual registration until payday is not necessarily "Dangerous". Sure ,Third Party is crucial and maybe should be payable seperately instead of a $600 or so lump sum. I imagine such a driver would be more careful for fear of being pinched , rather than dangerous.
    Are there any of the 12700 riders here having been pinched over easter ? I was'nt, and I rode all weekend.
  5. I love it how car companies get no credit. It doesnt say there were any less crashes. Cars have gotten a lot safer over the years...
  6. I figured they would take credit.

    20120629 TAC SAFETY STATS_1.

    Almost the entire difference is made up of fewer riders dying and fewer motorvehicle passengers dying. Not sure how that's all due to VicPol... ? :-k :?
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  7. From what i found 552 offences were relating to motorcycles out of the 12,700 offences over the Easter break.

    4.5% of all offences were motorbike related. Not really even worth mentioning really.
  8. On a side note, what would other be???????
  9. Fair enough - they can take credit for it, as long as they take the blame for any subsequent increase !
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  10. Much of that is misleading too. There's a fair chunk of those that are OFF ROAD related. Particularly the "unregistered" and "unlicensed" charges. Also, I believe all the "no helmet" charges were also off road.
  11. you called this exact thing a while back - 100% spot on. it's a numbers game they're playing to their own rigged game...
  12. Fair warning: incoming ignorance.

    Is it seriously illegal to ride a bike off road without a helmet? Would have thought that the rules governing road use would be, well, limited to the road.

    Can farmers get busted for not wearing a helmet on the farm?

    Is it illegal to hoon up in your own paddock if you're over .05?

    Seriously, if this is the case I'll have to piss off back to NZ and earn $6/hr in substandard currency just to get away from this regime.
  13. Not sure what rules apply in farming, but, these aren't so much on a farm, as in national parks etc.
  14. So when you say off road you're talking about an unsealed road that passes through forestry but is still actually a road?
  15. no. trail bikes. In national forest. Just bumpy tracks etc. They still come under the perview of VicRoads.
  16. A private farm won't need the bike registered(I think). To ride in a Nat. Park the bike will need to have recreational registration and therefore the rider needs to be licenced.

  17. Lower road toll = credit to the police (ie: they did a good job). Justifies whatever they do.

    Higher road toll = people's fault (not seen as a failure by the police). Use deaths to justify whatever they do "to save lives".

  18. i had to re-read this bit.

    the way they have written it definitely makes it sound like there were 12,700 motorcycle offences.. but i read the thread on here that there wasn't actually that many bike-related issues.. compared to the amount of everyone else.

    which is positive.
  19. I don't know about in Vic but in Qld yes it is, DUI and UIL are "in the state of Queensland" laws, no mention of roads or even road related area. ](*,)
  20. Its not bike related, but something here isnt adding up either:
    800 - cars
    970 - unlicensed drivers
    400 - disqualified drivers

    They seem to be adding together the number of unrego'd cars with the unlicensed and disqualified drivers to get the 'more than 2000' - which doesnt make any sense. You have 970 unlicensed + 400 disqualified drivers = 1370 drivers total. Assuming that you follow the party line the unlicensed/disqualified always = dangerous, that's still only 1370 drivers.

    The unregistered cars could potentially have been driven by one of the above 1370 drivers, driven by a licensed driver as a second car and so on. It definitely doesn't equate to a straight additional 800 dangerous drivers to push the number up to over 2000, which is what they have done.

    Its a little thing, but its annoying.