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VicPol priorities

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Dougz, Feb 5, 2009.

  1. Good to see that even though there are fires raging throughout Victoria, the Police still have time to book speeders on their way to help :roll:


  2. They interviewed him on 3AW earlier this morning and he stated the only reason he pulled them over was because of the excessive speed they were doing, plus the fact they weren't observant enough to notice he was in uniform as they overtook him in his unmarked police car.

    He was on his way there to check things out and not man roadblocks or anything like that so it's not like he was stopping on his way to a life & death situation that he personally had to look after.
  3. Im sure he would have also stopped for donuts on the way aswell :LOL:

    seriously though how hard is it to spot a unmarked POO POO
  4. 25 to 30k's over is not excessive in a 110 zone FFS
  5. outrage!

  6. if they can't see the unmarked car and then the bloke in uniform inside then 35k's over the limit for them is dangerous.
    they obviously not the most observant people out there. I'd be surprised if they noticed a m/bike coming the other way before overtaking...
  7. It's a divided fenced freeway along that section...
  8. No, but it is illegal and he was a uniformed copper on duty, so he can't reasonably be expected to turn a blind eye.

    And what BJ said.
  9. I was driving with some friends a couple of weekends ago, and on the corner of South Road and Nepean Highway in Moorabbin, we witnessed a passenger assault the driver of a white Ford Festiva. He was continually punching the driver... the driver was swerving in to other lanes and nearly caused so many accidents.

    Anyway, we decided to follow the car and call the Police. We called 000 and explained the situation and told them where the car was driving, etc.

    We continued to follow the car until it parked in a residence in Elsternwick.

    On the way from Moorabbin to Elsternwick, we passed FOUR Police cars who had obviously pulled over speeders or whatever.

    So apparently in the eyes of the Police, speeding is a worse offence than someone having the absolute crap beaten out of them.

    I was disgusted to see this.

    The 000 operator kept asking me whether the person being assaulted was a woman or child. I truthfully said no.

    Anyway, the car parked and the guy was still getting the crap beaten out of him. 20 minutes later a Police car arrived and broke up the fight and then questioned us on what we saw.

    Really pissed me off that speeders get more priority than someone being assaulted. Now, I know that Police carry portable radios on them, so you'd think that 000 dispatch would interrupt a Police car in the area and tell them that someone was being assaulted.

    Apparently if I had said it was a woman or child, the Police would have been there in a flash.
  10. Yep, its called equal oppertunity. :(
  11. No cop is gonna turn a blind eye on 140kmph and unmarked cops are the ones who enjoy f'ing people over the most.

    Overtaking them is just asking for it.
  12. assuming the copper in the OP had no pressing duties, ie he wasnt trying to save someone from the fire, jsut attending to help out in some manner, i can understand the drivers being pulled over. as a cop you might let one pass (unlikely since he was unmarked, theyre specifically for TMU generally), but seeing 4 guys pass? not a chance, although the speed they might be doing was safe in the circumstances, its against the law and its the officer's job the uphold it.

    it's shit like this that really pisses me off.
  13. I was racing out of Wodonga to Beechworth one year when the fires were threatening to burn down my family home, Dad called me asking me to come help fight the fires so i got in the car and took the Beechworth/Wodonga road (Its 100k country road) i was doing about 140k's in the old Rover SE i had at the time when a marked popo came up behind me lights flashing, i slowed and indicated, he pulled around me and speed off, must of been going to the fires as well, half way in to town he was stopped telling people to go back the way they came, he took one look at the CFA gear i had on nodded and me through. No mention about speeding or anything, just on your way.

    He could of had my licence, so i guess they are not all bad.
  14. 25 over the state or posted limit (which ever is lower) is instant loss of licence in Vic so 25 to 30k's is 10-15 k's into good bye licence territory.

    By the way the officer in question is an Assistant Commissioner and as such has a Covert Car to drive and was heading for the fires to check on the officers working down there, he certainly wasn't on an urgent mission.
  15. No joke. All this complaining about one of the top cops doing his JOB. God forbid.

    I imagine if the need for this particular bloke to be there was so high, he'd have turned on the lights/sirens and booted it. Evidently, it wasnt.
  16. To be honest; those people were speeding - not on their way to a real emergency with a reason.

    If I was speeding coz I knew my granddad had broken his hip or something while the flames were on his doorstep; I sure as shit wouldn't stop for a cop.

    They can give chase, follow me to the emergency and then help - if he wants to be a prick and fine me; fine, do it later: there's an emergency happening.
  17. oh wow, theres gender equality for the 21st century.

    they might as well have asked if the driver was black :roll:
  18. Exactly!

    ..and on that subject, thumbs up to the copper who looked the other way while I ran the roadblock last Thursday night so I could get in and help fight the fires at my Grandparents farm.. :cool:

  19. The fact is that the job would have been received and then been passed on to a unit close to the area that the job was occurring in. As you were still following they knew they had observations, the original unit is trying to play catch up from the original location. They would be doing just over the speed limit to minimize danger to themselves and the public and to minimize complaints from the public similar to Vic's issue with the police speeding in a Highway Patrol car in a 60 zone a few days ago.
    As the call has been taken by one unit and others are already tied up, more would not be brought in. This is of course unless it escalates. Then all hell breaks loose and units drop in from every where.

    As highlighted, you don't know what they were pulled over for. You are assuming it was traffic related. Also you are assuming that the vehicles you saw were on the same channel as the one the job was being called out on.

    There are a million different jobs a cop could be doing or reason for them to not receive a job that you have called through. We could assume that there are reasons for this but often it is just easier to cop bash and vent by people who don't know but have made up their mind as they are sick of getting tickets.

    It's a case of damned if they do damned if they don't because they are easy targets. :wink: