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Vicpol on the Reefton Spur 10 April 2011 (video)

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by K1W1, Apr 10, 2011.

  1. Link and source video removed.

  2. Haha yesterday they were hiding amongst the bushes like last time but today they've revealed themselves. Looks like they'll be playing hide & seek with us for a while yet. Nice video.
  3. Yep saw them today as well. Speed cam just after the pub on the downhill section and that cop on the spur itself. He was at the gate on the 2nd DR right hander, 6.7km in, then the 2 TMU and 2 bikes at the junction where I got spoken to...
  4. dodgy pricks
  5. I went up before you, by myself, and I had my headlamp pulsing on main beam. The laser transmit/receive domes on the copper's unit reflected my main beams as soon as I came round the corner and gave me plenty of notice: enough that I was able to give the guy a wave, and get one in return :)

    All I need now is my GoPro from the group buy so that I can take similar videos ;)
  6. The one on the right with the laser was female and she wasn't very happy.
    The guys were safely on the left off the road by their cars.

    P.S. Nice avatar, looks familiar. :)
  7. She gave me a nice smile: must be something about the bike ;)

    Even better avatar today, credit to you of course :beer:
  8. Are these coppers for real? That lady cop is on the inside shoulder - nice way to scare the crap out of rider or car coming around that corner. What a joke. That's not about making the roads safer. That's simply punitive.

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  9. When I was younger and aspiring to be a Green Beret Commando. even with zero training/combat training/experience, I had more sense and camouflage concealment ability than that ridiculously stupid (and dangerous) 'hiding' spot.
    Seriously, not sure what they're trying to achieve with that !
    Great spot and recording K1W1 :)
  10. If you're near a wireless, I'll be talking to our mate NM on 3AW at 10:45 or earlier. He's actually taking our side on this one!!
  11. Really??
    Have I missed something?
    NM on the side of anything on two wheels????

    Would love to hear it as I've never heard him on our side of anything.
  12. Heli, legendary stuff mate !
    Was about to go trekking on the mountain bike but I'll stay put for the ensuing 10 minutes.
    Interested to hear the discussion (y)
  13. Just saw this post, did you get on?
    If so I'll ask for an mp3 of the interview.
    That pic shows how stupidly dangerous a position that police person put herself in, imagine she stepped out just as a car came around the corner.
    Stupid dangerous stupid dangerous STUPID
  14. +1 smee

    You can just imagine the labelling/jail sentence (?) an innocent driver/rider would be handed down if they accidentally (for whatever reason known to mankind) lost control at that corner, cleaning up the police officer in the process ...

    Are Victorians, generally speaking, watching too much 'Dumb and Dumber' in their spare time ?!!!
  15. Tomorrow. The Darcy sentencing (awful, just awful) took most of the alloted time today.
  16. Heli,
    I must have missed your discussion. I sat and listened to the Darcy sentencing for what seemed like an eternity. Had to move along but am interested in hearing the file at some point.
  17. That pic should be put on facebook and sent virally, I can't believe the danger that stupid police officer put herself in, notice no fluro jacket either whilst on the road. A workcover issue there.
    Spread it round folks
  18. I just took a screen shot off the vid - the time stamp is there so easy to find. Note, about half a second before that frame, you can see the whole corner and you see another copper on the left hand side of the road, presumably in view of oncoming cars - no hi viz either.
  19. .....

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  20. That's gotta go viral!!