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VIC VicPol no longer taking accident reports...

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by MelbourneMick, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. Just thought I was share this as I have had a few long winded phone calls with an insurance company that doesn't seem to quite understand it from a car accident I was involved in.

    As of 01/07/2011 Victoria Police are no longer attending all traffic accident OR taking reports for all accidents.
    There is now a criteria that has to be met.
    At least attend a station when you can and get a name of someone you spoke to to show you made an attempt to report it that seems to keep the Insurance Company happy.

    further details are in the pamphlet VicPol gave me.

    *right click on the link and select OPEN and it opens as a PDF file.

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  2. In NSW the Police will only attend an accident if one or both of the vehicles can't be driven/ridden from the scene, or if someone is injured. In any other case they leave it to the insurance companies. It looks like the Victorian Police are adopting the same policy.....
  3. We (NSW) have been doing similar for many years now. I had a quick look at the link and you guys only appear to have two criteria, where as we have four. It definetely lightens the load for the cops, for accidents that don't really need police attendance.

    Also from my experiences on the job and dealing with NSW based insurance companies they are very on top of it too, I guess 'cause it has been going for a few years. Hopefully for you guys down there the creases get ironed out soon enough and everyone gets used to a new system. Makes life much easier up here I tell 'ya.

    edit: Seems Hornet and I were writing similar at the same time.
  4. Having had a look at that pamphlet it always seems to have been the case in the past, now they have put it down in writing more or less, nothing unusual and in a sense less of an opportunity for them to book you for neg riding/driving
  5. The problem the insurance companys seem to have is getting out of their pro-forma spiel "without a Police Report we won't honour the claim, that's just out Policy"
    In the end we got through to them but it was sorted out but I expect the Insurance Companys have some training to do.
    I think it is a great idea. VicPol have better thing to do.
  6. Yeah, they probably aren't fully up to speed. In NSW, if it's an accident that doesn't require police attendance, i.e. doesn't meet the criteria, you can still make a police report, simply over the telephone. For anyone in NSW reading this, I would strongly recommend you make a police report anyway. It just means the police won't actually attend the crash.

    Having a pollice report to back you up can help, especially if the other person decides to change their story. And Mick you're right, VicPol shouldn't be attending "love-taps". If it's a serious prang, sure, otherwise carry on.
  7. Bastard friend of our son stole our car over a year ago, no licence, he went for a hoon and wrote it off against a brick wall, i rang the cops and told them what happened they informed me, "we dont attend accidents unless there's property damage" and she hung up..
  8. If there was damage to the brick wall then that falls under damage to a third party's property who was not in attendance at the time.
  9. Did she ask if you wanted the Bastard friend charged with theft of motor vehicle?
  10. They do not have any training to do.

    Police crash reports are often essential in claiming damage costs from the motorists insurer. This has always been the
    case and it won't change simply because of procedural changes within a police force. It gets back to checking the terms
    and conditions of the contract you agreed to. If anyone needs training, its the policy holder.


  11. Can't charge him if he's pushing up daisies

    Is he pushing up daisies?
  12. As long as insurance Companys are willing to accept Name and Badge number of the Officer and the name of the Station you attended to attempt to report it all will be fine. The Insurer I dealt with accepted this.
    Otherwise the system fails and insurance Companys will be refusing claims all over the shop.
  13. Cant get compensation out of people who cant work.
  14. Spruce, I could not disagree any more.

    For anyone in ANY state, I would strongly recommend you DO NOT make a police report unless you are compelled to.

    Why? For the simple reason that anything you disclose to those muppets can be used against you.

    Have a look at this thread and that thread. Two amongst numerous examples you can locate by using the website search

    How so mate? Your version of events (simply because you have reported it as such to Police) does not make it more truthful
    or accurate than mine.

    As illustrated in the previous post, it would appear, for obvious reasons, that their purpose of you reporting an incident
    is for verification that a claimable event has indeed occurred.

    Whether this entails obtaining the information noted in your post or an A4 essay report, is somewhat immaterial. It's
    rather the fact that the incident has been reported which is of importance.

    Last, but not least, nothing has changed (as per Smee's post).

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  16. I just read back through this thread and found this. In this post you say police crash reports are essential, yet when you replied to my thread you said avoid them at all costs. Which one is it?

    Ohh yeah, that's right, be careful making a not at fault crash report with the police, because they will use that against you down the track. Yeah right.:rolleyes:
  17. There is no need to attend an accident when here is only one box on the form under "cause of accident" which is "speed".
  18. Read what he said carefully, you are misquoting and not reading the whole thread or his posts in complete context..
    It is my one bugbear when people use selective quoting and not follow the whole thread or understand the context.
  19. I've only read your posts in this thread but you don't come across as being all that intelligent. Are you in your early 20's?


  20. From what I read I think Justus was actually saying not to report any incident to the police unless you are compelled by law to do so.

    I enjoy riding motorbikes, wish I had done it years earlier. But motorbikes are ridden on the roads and the roads are governed by laws. The more knowledge you have in relation to both your rights and responsibilities as a road user the more confident you will be when dealing with the police and insurance companies.