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VicPol Motorcycle participates in learners practice session

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by SarcasticGamer8, Jul 3, 2011.

  2. COOL. Nice one.
  3. haha, funny....

    You know, having them roll up and getting involved in a positive way can only be a good thing.
    Hope any senior pol who sees it doesn't see anything wrong with it...
    All good I say...
  4. bet VicPol command wern't aware of this, its too community policing, and less enforcement to be standard procedure, or encouraged.
  5. Yeah it's like any other job really, you gotta remember that they don't all necessarily WANT to be assholes, but they do get put under a fair bit of pressure by the higher ups to get results, whatever the means. Great to see they can still have a bit of a laugh.
  6. Police riders go through extensive and very rigorous training. It's no wonder they come out bloody good riders.

    It would be great if that sort of trainig was available to civilaians although I suspect that if it was done to the same level it would be so expensive that few could afford it.

    If the cops show up again, ask them for their best riding tips.
  7. Bike coppers are generally interested in bikes, good to see some community policing, his "seniors" could learn a lot from him. :)
  8. He did a pretty tight circle around the first cone (not on the film) which was impressive on such a heavy bike.

    When he first came in, he thought we were meeting up to go somewhere b/c he asked where we were headed. Once someone said we were practicing around the cones, he asked if we were Netriders. Then someone suggested HE go around the cones, which he did. A good sport.
  9. Positive PR. The cops need it in droves. Good one :)

    - - -
    Tapatalking loud, saying somethin'
  10. Good on him,i cant believe that there is a cop out there that is not saving small kittens certain death from fender eliminators
  11. Nah, but he cruised up behind all the parked bikes first to have a good look LOL.
  12. I'm pleased to say that i asked him to do the cones. I'm really impressed that he decided to do it actually. Didn't really expect him too. I'd love it if the police got more involved like this in the community.
  13. props to the police officer,
    but lets just make shure that the police stay friendly and dont post anything that may get the officer in trouble......... just something thats been in the back of my mind when reading this
  14. Not to mention after market pipes... ;)

    He was good (and professional) about it all. I wonder if he heard us all giving him applause for his good riding skills. Quite impressive. =D> :D
  15. I think police solos need to go through competency training/refresher training every couple of months.

    It surprises me then that policy makers are so out of step with respect to training as a means to improving safety of the road system... and instead choose to rely on laws and driver aids.... someone hide my soapbox quick.
  16. Yeah or else I will get on the soap box and start as well Rob.

    Vicroads were reviewing their policy of "more training means more risk taking a therefore crashes" back in late 2009 from memory. I wonder where that got to?

    Good to see an officer having some fun with the community, and indirectly aknowledging the efforts of the community to train itself. Well done.
  17. My impressionis the VicRoads policy has softened slightly. Not sure they support trainng but they do not seem as adamantly promoting that training causes crashes.

    Mind you I am sure if push came to shove, they would deny that was their original position.
  18. There was a large police presence on beach road from moordialloc, highway patrol, bikes etc, mainly keeping those pesky cyclists in check :D. Pity the fashion police wernt out checking cyclist with lycra and knee high socks!(I can say this as Im a cyclist :p)

    But great to see the boys in blue particpating in a positive fashion..
  19. So, how does the VicRides program, run by VicRoads, all fit in?
    Can't help wonder if:

    Is that a part of them softening up?
    Process of developing new training?
    Being used as knowledge for the up coming license graduating scheme?
    Or other...

    I got my last phone interview last night (2 after the actual ride) where the questions seemed very similar to the last call.
    Maybe they want to see if our answers change with more experience under our belts..
    Oh, and they're sending me my $90 voucher now...
  20. Sounds like the solo rider was a good sport about things; good on him and his attitude. :)