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VIC Vicpol Motorcycle Online chat Nov 3

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by joetdm, Oct 29, 2010.

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    Just Recieved following in mail:

    Motorcyclist safety with Victoria Police, solo rider, Leading Senior Constable Craig McKenzie (Mac)
    Given the concerning rise in the number of motorcyclists who have died tragically on our roads this year, Mac invites you to chat to us about motorcyclist safety.

    If you have any suggestions or comments about how we can make our roads safer for motorcylists, send in your questions or join us in a live online chat on Wednesday, 3 November from 3 to 4pm.

    We will be discussing, speeding, distraction and risky behaviour of road users.

  2. Here's a chance, or so it seems, to get in their ear for real.
    FFS say something sensible, and see if they do the same.

    I doubt that there is much point in engaging in a barney about speed cameras, though.
  3. Damn it, I wont be able to take part unless I wag work from 3 - 4 pm.
  4. Taken from the vicpol site:
    I'd be keen to ask if speed is out biggest killer, how is that borne out by the current MC road toll?
  5. Can someone ask them what fender eliminators, indicators and after market zorsts have to do with road safety and the roadtoll pretty please?

    Can someone ask them what it is they hope to achieve by over zealous policing of insignificant factors that only serves to create animosity between themselves and us?

    ...amd could someone ask them if they see the irony (or hypocrisy) of ignoring 'other' road users behaviours that are a far greater threat to our safety than ridiculous things like filtering in stopped traffic or or being 5 or 10ks over so we don't get engulfed in cars.

  6. I would like to know why the RTA et al bleat about more motorcyclists being injured/killed...yet they fail to mention that motorcycle ownership/registrations have increased quite substantially over the past few years. As such, the figures spouted are incorrect.
  7. Bloody good questions!!
  8. Send em in, i'll try and take part
  9. Victoria Police Online Chat


    I just wanted to make you all aware of a motorcyclist online chat we are having with Victoria Police, solo rider, Leading Senior Constable Craig McKenzie, otherwise known as Mac.

    Mac will be chatting live from 3 to 4pm on Wednesday 3, November here: http://www.vicpolicenews.com.au/online-chat.html

    You can email in your questions by emailing digmediaunit-mgr@police.vic.gov.au or you can respond to this post and I'll copy and paste them out of this forum and into the chat room, by 12pm on the day of the chat.

    We'd like it if you could participate in the chat and give us your suggestion about how we can make the roads safer for motorcyclists or to answer your questions about road rules for motorcyclists etc.

    Look forward to seeing you there,
    Victoria Police Digital Media Unit

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  10. Hi Guys,

    Just to let you know that you can submit questions prior to the online chat and replay the chat anytime.

    Email your question to: digmediaunit-mgr@police.vic.gov.au

    Look forward to chatting with you soon.
  11. "Lord keep me from temptation...."
  12. Dear VicPol. Thanks for posting up.

    Have you read the height kills analogy?? Ever wonder why the almost singular ideological focus on speed as the primary road safety message isn't getting the results or respect you'd hoped for?


    Thanks. I'll be submitting some questions... if only I had faith that I would get genuine non political on message responses and discussion... sigh.
  13. With a bit of effort (don't be so lazy!) VicPol et al could have a look through the multitude of posts on this forum alone to answer any questions they have regarding what we think should/shouldn't be done regarding rider safety.
  14. Question 1. If the police can hide in the bush to catch motorcyclists why can't they do the same to catch drivers cutting corners and running over double lines?
    Question 2. On roads such as the Mountain Highway and the St Andrews-Kinglake Rd it is impossible for cars to get past cyclists without crossing the single lines but they never seem to get booked for it. Why not? You are happy enough to book motorcyclists that cross single lines to get past slow cars.
    Question 3. Filtering. Are police aware it is now legal to overtake stationary cars on the left? Under what circumstances would we be booked for this and what would be the charge?
    Question 4. Why don't the plod nod back?
  15. Re: Victoria Police Online Chat


    Why do you book motor cyclists for insignificant Items knowing full well that it is finacially out of the reach of most riders to take it to court and fight these charges.

    A day in court with solicitor in hand, would be up around the $2000-00 mark. including a day off work.

    For most people that would require obtaining a personal loan,

    Thats why most people just pay the fine, and cop the points with out question.

    Unfortunately it has been my experience over the years that some police use this to their advantage.

    How not to influence people and win friends.

    But in saying this. I have met a lot of excellent police over the years that actually have no axe to grind or need to prove they are superior to every one else,

    They have done their job in a most professional manner. and I would like to personally thank them all for their courtesy and diligence in their application to their proffered profession and their dealings with myself.
  16. Just wondering.

    VictoriaPolice - 4 posts...
    Are they really Vicpol???
  17. They posted up the same post four times in multiple forums... anyway, we're down to this thread only.
  18. its very forward thinking of Victoria Police, so it makes it difficult for me to believe. Ever since Hubie left at least.

    Question 1.) What is the Opinion of Victoria Police on the Use of Mobile Speed Camera's in Low Risk areas?
    i.e. Being on a long straight stretch of road with limited side road and driveway access to the road.
    Wouldn't these better serve road and pedestrian safety by being utilised in school zones?

    Question 2.) Why are Victorian Police Vehicles exempt from Roadworthy Requirements? (i.e Excessively Dark Tinted Windows).

    Question 3.) What is Victoria Police's Stand on Shared Bike lanes, or Dedicated Filtering lanes and Advanced boxes(motorcycle) similar to those in use in Asia?

    Question 4.) and personally, why the hell do VicPol seem to think that motorcyclists need special attention, and safety lectures? I personally have had 2 lectures from VicPol members, re safety equipment, who only frowned at me when I pointed out the safety equipment they were talking to me about. Yet the times I have actually talked with motorcycle police, it has been informative, helpful and even educational. If in conjunction with VicRoads, et al surely these sought of endeavours would be better served by utilising VicPol Members who know what they are doing?
  19. That's interesting Joe.

    Ok. I'm going to give this a facevalue level of credibility - that it's genuine.

    If Vicpol are reading this, I hope they appreciate that the death toll is an issue exercising our brains also: https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?t=116363