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VIC VicPol motorcycle division

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Sir Ride Alot, Nov 11, 2010.

  1. Realistically can Victorians continue to shell out more money for a police motorcycle division?

    It is a luxury and frankly they don’t offer the police any more real benefits than cars. They do cost the taxpayer a lot of money and in this current economic climate it is very hard to justify the continuing cost and burden to the taxpayer.

    Is it time for the police motorcycle division to go?
  2. I'd also love to see the facts on which this thread is based.

    Without knowing what it costs, I'd say the bike division is worth while, for much the same reasons the Ambos use them in certain states (and others unique to police).
  3. I think you'll find that running a police motorbike is actually cheaper than running a police car and besides if you're going to run the 'cost' argument then it would make even more sense to get rid of cars as well and replace them with push bikes and foot patrols.

    Of course there are things a car can do that a foot patrol or a push bike patrol can't do I already hear you saying... well there are also things a motorbike police officer can do that a car one can't so that argument is moot as well.

    The real reason that police motorbikes have been cut back is anti motorcycle sentiment.
  4. Police motorcyclists at least have some common ground with us. If you have ever just spoken to one you should have realised that they are enthusiastic about bikes too. After all that why they become bike cops. There is little enough understanding of the motorcyclists particular problems in the police as it is without cutting in to the one area that may advise their seniors from the position of knowledge rather than ignorance and political bias.

    So no, I disagree with your premise.
  5. this is a ridiculous idea. Vic Police should have them as does every other police force in Australia. it's like New Zealand getting rid of their air force, a great idea in theory but just leaves someone else holding the bag (i.e. other parts of Vic police picking up what they did )
  6. I don't wanna see facts, I just want them gone as well. Who cares if they cost less, I just want em gone.
    They hide easier, they get through the traffic faster, and they're harder to get away from than a car!
  7. Fully agree with cjvfr.
  8. Sorry mate, I agree it's pretty silly but WA have all but stopped using motorcycles for policing and New Zealand... doesn't really have an air force any more. No offensive capability anyway. Just hercs, I think?
  9. But have you ever been booked by one? :-k

    I've been pulled over by them, but not booked when I could have been.

    Not saying that they're awesome, but they seem to be the lesser of two evils...
  10. er yes, 3 times. 1st time for allegedly crossing double unbroken line. This was on GOR when a car moved left to let me overtake. Bike cop came to me a few mins later and said the cop with binocs 1KM away, yes he was at least 1km away on one of the points, saw me pass the car. I told him what happened and he said no way and booked me anyway. NOt worth taking it to court.
    2nd time,,,allegedly 5km over the limit, 55 in a 50 zone. On Kew bvd. I got flashed by cars on the way through and I was doing exactly 50. My speedo is calibrated.

    3rd time. Breatho, then went to take off, he stopped me and said pipes too loud, got done for that.

    Have been pulled over countless other times for rego checks and they were very nice tho, no problem at all. Some good ones there as well as baddies.

    Went through Croydon a few weeks ago, just putting through, saw a bike cop had 2 other riders pulled over. He gave me the dirtiest look when I went past, I have no idea why, it really disturbed me to know he was thinking he'd missed one! I couldn't believe the greasy he gave me and the wife. We were sitting on the speed limit in line with all the traffic around us.

    Now that's just from the bike cops.
  11. another stupid troll from sir-bleat-a-lot :roll:
  12. +1 to cjvfr and titus.

    A mate of mine is a m/c cop. They are bike lovers too and they have alot to offer the motorcycling community.

    The bikes provide greater flexibility / access in and around traffic, and in a pursuit under brakes they can catch a fleeing vehicle more easily than a car.

  13. Let’s all make up ridiculous statements ](*,)
  14. Well, I'm really impressed with SRA....
    Held himself back and hasn't mentioned the raise reefton spur speed limits yet...
  15. That's pretty shit, I guess my experience with them isn't the norm!

    I've only ever been hassled by arsehole cops in cars.

    What were we talking about again? Aliens? Fake moon landings? I'm lost...

  16. Any wonder why we get targeted with pathetic comments like this, probably rides like this as well.
  17. Any wonder you just registered a new user name and made this your first post...pfft. Look whos pathetic.

    "Probably"?? You have no idea!

    Maybe stop hiding and your name calling and get over yourself.

    Kisses and hugz for you.
  18. Been around for a while FastR1Red, having difficulty understanding your response, what do you mean "name calling". Cannot imaging any mature adult making comments like yours in the post. You must hold real bitterness towards the cops, and reacting the way you do, you could end up being a statistic. That i do NOT wish on anyone. Ride with care.
  19. Join Date: Nov 2010
    Posts: 2

    Um OK:rolleyes:

    Anyway back on topic....
    Looks like SRA was looking for some reactions as usual.
  20. Sadly, this is true. But I don't really believe it was as a result of any anti-motorcycle sentiment. Rather, I think it was the end result of a government-demanded across-the-board percentage reduction in real terms of the police budget. Something had to go and bikes were it. There were also concerns about coppers being on patrol in a solo situation.

    I believe we still have 13 ST1300s left ... but mainly for "ceremonial" use. (And wouldn't that p!ss you off if you were a motorcycle copper and that's all you got to do!)

    They kept the dopey bloody pipe band, though ](*,)